modTree 0.2.1-beta

modTree 0.2.1-beta

Released Jan 22, 2019 by visermort

Linking resources.

Just link resources with each other.Resources wil be shown on a page as a lazy load tree.

Download 92kb (51 downloads)
Downloads: 51
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

A book has written by an author and published by a publishing company. The author has written other books. The company has published many books and cooperates with many authors. The book can be illustrated by a painter. The painter works with other authors and other companies.

The whole hierarchy of related objects can be displayed on your page easily.

Installation Instructions

Call snippet on template[[modTree]]

ParametersResult parameters

&tplOuter - main template. Default `tpl.ModTree.outer`.&tplList - template for start items, after first search on page. Default `tpl.ModTree.itemList`.&tplTree - template for childs branches on tree. Default `tpl.ModTree.itemTree`.&tplSearchField - template for search fields. Default `tpl.ModTree.itemSearchField`.&tplButtons - template for paginate buttons. Default `tpl.ModTree.paginateBtns`.

&sortBy. Default `menuindex`.&sortDir. Default `ASC`.&limit - limit on tree for child branches. Default `0`.&limitList - limit for start search. Default `15`.

&contentIdPrefix - prefix of ID for content fields. Default `modtree-`, in case using two or more snippet on page. Fields can be placed anywhere on the page, even outside of the &tplOuter.&customCss - Default 0 .If `1` - not linked component CSS. If you want to use your own styles you may disable component CSS.

Search parameters

&queryLinks. Determines the start search. `1` - related resources. `0` - child resources. Default `1`.&parent. Resource for start search. Default current resource.&queryForce. Determines whether to perform a start search. Default `1` - do start search, `0` - search only on search button click.&linkWay. Link direction. `1` - master to slave. `-1` - slave to master. `0` - both way. Default `0`.&searchFields. String with comma separator. Default `padetitle, content`. To disable - &searchFields=``