simpleUpdater 2.1.3-rc

simpleUpdater 2.1.3-rc

Released Aug 20, 2018 by ilyautkin
Downloads: 19,764
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

MODX simple updater

Installation Instructions

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2.1.3-rc- Removed unnecessary prices processors

2.1.2-rc- Restrict the button to the Administrator group

2.1.1-beta- Restored menu item

2.1.0-beta- Show button on top menu- Removed menu item

1.0.0-beta- Initial release

Version Released Author Downloads
5 Versions 1 Contributors 19,768 Downloads
2.1.2-rc Jul, 16 2018 ilyautkin 4,822
2.1.1-beta Aug, 17 2017 ilyautkin 6,107
2.1.0-beta Jun, 05 2017 ilyautkin 1,563
0.1.0-beta Sep, 25 2015 ilyautkin 5,114