ModxMinify 1.0.1-pl

ModxMinify 1.0.1-pl

Released May 03, 2018 by sterc

MODX Minify is a MODX Revolution Extra to group and minify your CSS, SCSS, LESS and JS files. Grouping and minifying your styles greatly improves your page load time. You can create groups, and each group can contain multiple files of the same type (CSS (also SCSS and LESS or supported) or JS). ModxMinify automatically creates a minified file for each of your groups or combination of groups.

Download 1090kb (1031 downloads)
Downloads: 1,610
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Supports mysql

MODX Minify is a MODX Extra to group and minify your CSS, SCSS, LESS and JS files. You can create groups, and each group can contain multiple files of the same type. So for instance you create a group named 'css' where you can add all your css, scss and less files. By calling the MODX Minify snippet [[!modxMinify?&group=`css`]] inside a tag in your head a minified css file will be generated and cached which will contain all your files grouped and minified!


  • Install the package via Package Management
  • Add groups and files via the manager page
  • Inside your in your template, place the snippet call, for example:

The MODX Minify snippet generates one minified file from all the files added to your specified group. The snippet automatically detects changes in your files, and also checks for changes made in the CMP (adding, updating, removing or reordering of files).

Combining groups

You can also combine multiple groups into one minified file, by using a comma-separated list of groups in your [[!modxMinify]] snippet call:


In the above example all the files from group 'css' and 'css2' get combined into one minified CSS file.

Feature requests and issues

Feature requests and issues can be reported on the MODX Minify Github page at

Installation Instructions

Install the extra through the MODX package manager. After installation a new 'MODX Minify' menu item will appear under the 'Extras' menu in your MODX installation.

Changelog for ModxMinify.

ModxMinify 1.0.1


  • Add missing less.php library
  • Fix bug with hardcoded 'modx_' prefix in build (#9 and #25)
  • Add cache_path and cache_url settings to override path to minified file (PR#27) - Thanks to @digitalpenguin
  • Update composer dependencies
  • Remove twig from composer dependencies for better compatibility (#32)

ModxMinify 1.0.0 (2017-01-24)


  • First public release

ModxMinify 0.2.0 (2016-05-25)


  • Added ability to combine multiple groups in one modxMinify call.

ModxMinify 0.1.9 (2016-02-11)


  • Added plugin to clear ModxMinify cache files on Modx cache clear.
  • Fixed exception bug in Leafo class
  • Added (and removed :p) config.json for groups/files

ModxMinify 0.1.7 (2016-01-20)


  • New css uri rewrite filter (for rewriting relative urls in css files)
  • New css minify filter
  • fix assetwriter paths

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