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By Иван Брежнев (npobolka)

Иван Брежнев

New in modxTalks 1.0.3-beta

Changelog file for modxTalks component.

modxTalks 1.0.1


- [FS#6] New. Displaying Comments reverse, new top, if select NO, the new comments are below.

modxTalks 0.0.2


- [FS#3]  Fixed. Customize style is the message as hard to see.

- [FS#4]  Fixed. javascript - loading of the last comment at 21, 41, etc. comments.

- [FS#9]  Improved. Compress all image files.

- [FS#10] Fixed. include snippets for modxTalks.

- [FS#11] Fixed. The panel of resource management, by changing the type of resource, and not hang menyaetsya a resource with comments.

- [FS#12] Fixed. When quoting comment name without quotes added

- [FS#14] Fixed. Compatibility with jQuery 1,9.

- [FS#15] Fixed. Front, does not translate into a splitter time, ie it remains as such when booting.

- [FS#19] Fixed. Plugin to OnSiteRefresh ejs does not remove files.

- [FS#37] Fixed. RSS news.

- [FS#39] New. Add to admin panel grid locks Email addresses

- [FS#1]  Fixed. Permissions for moderators

- [FS#5]  Fixed. The problem with pagination.

- [FS#7]  New. Front-Part. Create button - "comment" in order to be able to comment on the text of the resource.

- [FS#8]  New. When you click on the link in the comments, displaying INPUT which will link to copy.

- [FS#13] New. Vote for comments

- [FS#21] New. The conclusion of the latest comments to modxTalks

- [FS#22] New. Create a placeholder for the output display the number of comments in the topic

- [FS#23] New. Plugin for output to tape number Comment

- [FS#24] Fixed. Problems with styles, rewritten styles modxTalks prefixed

- [FS#25] New. Print a chunk layer for CRC

- [FS#41] New. Added Ukrainian translation

- [FS#42] New. Blocking by IP and Email address from the front



May 29, 2013
Supported Versions
2.2 – 2.3

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March 4, 2013
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February 25, 2013
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January 29, 2013
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