modxTalks 1.0.3-beta

modxTalks 1.0.3-beta

Released May 29, 2013 by valikras

Comments system modxTalks is builded on CMS/CMF MODX Revolution with realtime features

In several steps you can add comment system to any page of your site which will attract new satisfied users.

You can use modxTalks wherever you like - from simple blog to huge portals. This is one of the methods to maintain community around your site.

Comments idea took esoTalk

Download 564kb (5364 downloads)
Downloads: 6,988
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.3.x
Supports mysql

Homepage and documentation -

The source code -

Issues -

Installation Instructions

Simple installation

  • In MODX manager -> Package Management -> find modxTalks in package repository -> Download and install.
  • For adding comments to the resource right click on a resource in the resource tree and then "Create" -> "Create child resource with comments"
  • Changelog file for modxTalks component.

    modxTalks 1.0.1


    - [FS#6] New. Displaying Comments reverse, new top, if select NO, the new comments are below.

    modxTalks 0.0.2


    - [FS#3]  Fixed. Customize style is the message as hard to see.

    - [FS#4]  Fixed. javascript - loading of the last comment at 21, 41, etc. comments.

    - [FS#9]  Improved. Compress all image files.

    - [FS#10] Fixed. include snippets for modxTalks.

    - [FS#11] Fixed. The panel of resource management, by changing the type of resource, and not hang menyaetsya a resource with comments.

    - [FS#12] Fixed. When quoting comment name without quotes added

    - [FS#14] Fixed. Compatibility with jQuery 1,9.

    - [FS#15] Fixed. Front, does not translate into a splitter time, ie it remains as such when booting.

    - [FS#19] Fixed. Plugin to OnSiteRefresh ejs does not remove files.

    - [FS#37] Fixed. RSS news.

    - [FS#39] New. Add to admin panel grid locks Email addresses

    - [FS#1]  Fixed. Permissions for moderators

    - [FS#5]  Fixed. The problem with pagination.

    - [FS#7]  New. Front-Part. Create button - "comment" in order to be able to comment on the text of the resource.

    - [FS#8]  New. When you click on the link in the comments, displaying INPUT which will link to copy.

    - [FS#13] New. Vote for comments

    - [FS#21] New. The conclusion of the latest comments to modxTalks

    - [FS#22] New. Create a placeholder for the output display the number of comments in the topic

    - [FS#23] New. Plugin for output to tape number Comment

    - [FS#24] Fixed. Problems with styles, rewritten styles modxTalks prefixed

    - [FS#25] New. Print a chunk layer for CRC

    - [FS#41] New. Added Ukrainian translation

    - [FS#42] New. Blocking by IP and Email address from the front

    Version Released Author Downloads
    4 Versions 2 Contributors 6,994 Downloads
    1.0.1-beta Mar, 05 2013 valikras 427
    0.0.2-beta Feb, 25 2013 valikras 295
    0.0.1-beta Jan, 29 2013 valikras 316