MostPopular 1.0.2-beta1

MostPopular 1.0.2-beta1

Released Feb 14, 2019 by sepiariver

MostPopular is a set of session-aware tools that track MODX Revolution page views with customizable settings to improve accuracy and relevancy:

  • - Logs page hits asynchronously (or not) and responds with JSON (or nothing)
  • - By default, records page views per session, so that return visitors do not get logged until their MODX session expires
  • - Fetch MODX Resource IDs with the most (or least) pageviews within a given time period. According to the PHP docs, "Parse about any English textual datetime description".
  • - Optionally log custom data with each page view
  • - sessionTimeout setting limits bot-like hits
  • - Fetch the number of hits for a specific Resource
  • - Fetch and template Resource page views, including datetime, number of views, and logged custom data
  • - Fetch and template Resources with page view count

Perfect for "Most Popular Posts" widgets, but also allows for numerous other use cases, especially with the ability to log arbitrary data along with page hits.

More info here:

GitHub repo:

Download 46kb (21 downloads)
Downloads: 66
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql

Makes table creation more reliable.

Installation Instructions

Install via MODX Extras Installer or download from the [MODX Extras repo]

MostPopular 1.0.2-beta1


Make table creation more reliable.

MostPopular 1.0.1-beta1


Explicitly exclude Resources by ID.

Defaults set dynamically based on contentType.

Throttle by IP address.

Optimize datetime conditional.

MostPopular 0.0.3-beta1


Attempt to skip crawlers.

MostPopular 0.0.1-beta1


Private beta testing.

MostPopular 0.0.1-dev1


In development.

Version Released Author Downloads
2 Versions 1 Contributors 66 Downloads
1.0.1-beta1 Jan, 14 2019 sepiariver 45