multiTV 2.0.7-pl

multiTV 2.0.7-pl

Released Apr 04, 2016 by jako

Custom Template Variabe containing a sortable multi item list or a datatable. Each item of a list element or table entry could contain all input option values of a normal MODX template variable. The content of the template variable could be inherited. 

For MODX Evolution 1.0.5+ 

Could be used for a lot of purposes i.e.: 

  • multiple images (each one with its own description, copyright and other fields) attached to one MODX document, 
  • multiple files (each one with its own title, tags and other fields) attached to one MODX document
  • sortable sidebar of MODX documents, 
  • tabular data in one MODX document.

Download 615kb (595 downloads)
Downloads: 4,800
License: GPLv2
Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Compatible up to Evolution 1.0.x
Supports mysql

  • New Module: Database Manager
  • CustomTV: dbtable mode
  • Some new snippet parameter
  • Bugfixes

Bugtracker and hotfixes on github

Documentation on github

Installation Instructions

  • Upload the folder 'assets/tvs/multitv' in the corresponding folder in your installation.
  • Create a new template variable with imput type custom input (if you name this template variable multidemo it will use the multidemo config file)
  • Insert the following code into the input option values @INCLUDE/assets/tvs/multitv/multitv.customtv.php
  • Create a snippet called multiTV

See in the package for further customtv and snippet instructions

  • CustomTV: Compatibility with TinyMCE4

Version Released Author Downloads
13 Versions 1 Contributors 4,806 Downloads
2.0.6-pl Jan, 25 2016 jako 191
2.0.3-pl Nov, 18 2014 jako 527
1.8-pl Jan, 24 2014 jako 658
1.7.3-pl Nov, 23 2013 jako 317
1.7.0-pl Oct, 02 2013 jako 310
1.5.3-pl May, 24 2013 jako 386
1.5.1-pl May, 06 2013 jako 272
1.5.0-pl May, 03 2013 jako 255
1.4.7-pl Oct, 29 2012 jako 363
1.4.5-pl Aug, 31 2012 jako 278
1.4.2-pl Jun, 03 2012 jako 378
1.3.0-pl Apr, 23 2012 jako 276