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About mxCalendar

mxCalendar for ModX (revo and evo) was created to fill in the gap of a fully integrated calendar into ModX.

Key Features:
  • Supports Repeating Events, even where the durations spans multiple days
  • Multiple segmented calendars
  • Context assignment or global
  • Custom categories with associated styling through management interface
  • Fully customizable look-n-feel through themed style sheets (CSS)
  • Single click to duplicate complex events with repeating properties
  • Event list format and Calendar views, soon to include mini-cal
  • *Repeating dates
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    November 2, 2018
    Supported Versions
    2.3 – 2.6
    Supported Database

    New in mxCalendar 1.1.11

    Changelog file for mxCalendar component.


    mxCalendar 1.1.11-pl


    Bug fixes for the following:

    #161 - Support versions of Modx 2.3 upto 2.6

    #169 - Duplicate of #161

    #171 - Repeating event display issue on Modx version >= 2.3  

    #174 - Support of version Modx.2.4 


    mxCalendar 1.1.10-pl


    Bug fixes for the following: 

    80  - add videos to events (tables, and manager UI changes) - Need to do more testing

    81  - RTE for description

    104 - active not set on event in Edit window only grid

    105 - add new content RTE property to events

    107 - [part of fix for 110]

    108 - repeating events issue

    110 - allow all day event to still select "End Date" for single event spanning multiple days

    111 - elStartDate in past issue

    116 - repeating events issue

    117 - adding images z-index and refreshing grid issue (solution provided)

    119 - strftime %p issues for 24 hour date/time

    124 - prior fix and confirmed for release 1.1.10-pl

    127 - multiple day event only showing on the first day

    122 - startdatefstamp and enddatefstamp problem returning currnet (now) stamp

    102, 115 - removing images from event


    * - added support for TinyMCE editor in event fields

    * - new field for description


    mxCalendar 1.1.9-pl


    - Bug fix: hard coded test template was removed, sorry! 

    - Enhancement: Add capability to filter by a specific event id in list view views


    mxCalendar 1.1.8-pl


    - Bug fix for installer database resolver issues

    - Bug fix for code error in main class file line 540; thanks to for reporting


    mxCalendar 1.1.7-pl

    mxCalendar enhancements for this release are provided courtesy of Anstey Hodge Advertising Group. They have generously agreed to allow distribution of their custom build as a free public release - many thanks. Visit them at 


    - mxcalendar.js file jQuery live functions updated to the "on" event handler

    - New displayType "daily" added for intuitive understanding if desired

    - Added new placeholders for list and daily displayType (fulldate,tomorrow,yesterday)

    - Ability now to use url parameter, query string, to modify the displayType (ex: ?&displayType=list)

    - Bug Fix: closes #84, #67, #53

    -- Enhancement: Added two new properties to the times for events startdatefstamp, enddatefstamp to force no DST time adjustment during time zone rendering


    mxCalendar 1.1.6-pl 


    - Added support for context filtering using ACLs; only users assigned to "Administrator" user group can view the events not assigned to a context (global)

    - Bug fix: Issue #57, #59 modal window not rendering with supplied modal parameters ()

    Fix the default list item template 

    - BUg fix: Issue #60, addded support back to manage day of week labels via lexicon for mxCalendar ex: mxcalendars.labelmonday, mxcalendars.labeltuesday ... 

    - Enhancement: New feature to use external iCal feed to generate events in listings with only active (display/no display) editing


    mxCalendar 1.1.5-pl 


    - Added labels to the hidden columns for Events

    - Enabled Events grid inline edit of Category, Calendar, and Context

    - Made the Calendar and Context visible by default in the Events tab grid


    mxCalendar 1.1.4-pl 


    - Bug fix: calendar editor cut off on larger displays

    - bug fix issue #48


    mxCalendar 1.1.3-pl 


    - Bug fix: Calendar and Context filter were crossed thus ajax request and use of parameters gave unexpected listings or none at all


    mxCalendar 1.1.2-pl 


    - Bug fix: (#41) Missing trailing zero in monthly calendar dates (10 was just 1; 20 was just 2; etc)

    - Bug fix: (#40) No event warning notification from the parser

    - Bug fix: typo in case for addJQ not being capitalized properly in the snippet

    - Bug fix: google map initializer to render maps

    - Enhancement: New property/parameter "elDirectional" to simply look forward or backward from the start date for events, no using an end date

    - Enhancement: New system settings for manager date/time display (mgrdateformat, mgrtimeformat) to change the date format display for the manager view


    mxCalendar 1.1.1-pl 


    - Bug fix: Detail view not displaying repeating events content

    - Bug fix: Parameter for modalView being ignored

    - Bug fix: Trailing zeros on dates missing

    - Bug fix: Upgrade not adding in new schema updates

    - Bug fix: Removed unused fields from forms

    - Bug fix: Mixed results when using "false" or "true" in paramete as they always returned true; recommended to use digits/integers [0=False,1=True]

    - Misc: Several small changes to the packaged templates (chunks)


    mxCalendar 1.1.0-pl 


    - Bug fix [34]: Sorting event list was not filtering the returned events based on the actual start/end dates

    - Bug fix [34]: CRT Parameter warning log, issue with strftime() format types across platforms (*nix, IIS)

    - Bug fix: Modal view template, tplDetailModal, was not loading when in AJAX page (requires ajax page to have the "resourceId" property set)

    - Enhancement: Ability to set the event description form type between html editor (htmleditor) and text area (textarea)

    - Enhancement: Ability to change the category requirement for event input

    - Enhancement: Added "Context" filtering per event (contextFilter [string; comma seperated list])

    - Enhancement: Added "Calendar" grouping for filtering events (calendarFilter [string; comma seperated id list])

    - Enhancement: Ability to attach a specific chunk (form) to the calendar event; does a match on chunk name so you can easily filter out by using standard formated names in chunks (ex: formContactForm, formRegistration) and match on "form"


    mxCalendar 1.0.0-pl


    - Enhancement: Speed improvements for the prev/next navigation

    - Enhancement: Tooltip to the repeat every field (will extend more tooltips in future releases)


    mxCalendar 0.0.3-beta


    - Bug fix: Issue not allowing multiple instances to render on same page

    - Bug fix: IE8 & IE9 not saving events in the create/update window

    - Bug fix: Date time displayed incorrectly on front-end

    - Enhancement: Ajax load of calendar navigation (previous & next) months including the today link

    - Enhancement: Modal view of event details from calendar or list view

    - Enhancement: Added the category filter list display option and associated templates for UI output

    - Enhancement: Updated templates to render the Google Map (API v3) from location when set


    mxCalendar 0.0.2-beta


    - Bug fix: Issue with the width of the form fields in the repeating event area

    - Bug fix: Added a new install option to automatically create the default category with the provided name

    - Bug fix: PHP Error (< 5.3.0) on display of the snippet with the DateTime class

    + Enhancement: Set the containing window to automatically resize when the repeating event section expands/collapse


    mxCalendar 0.0.1-beta


    - First release to the beta group


    Current Releases

    November 2, 2018
    2.3 – 2.6
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