By mark willis (markwillis82)

Mysql caching Extra

Used throughout hosting on extras.io

As used by Adido for High Availability hosting, mysqlCaching forms one layer of our Free Package Provider service.

Due to the nature of High Availability environments, these platforms need to persist the MODX cache as much as possible whilst at the same time allowing for automatic creation of cache resources.

Caching will then be database backed.

Although has been tested on MySQL no testing has been done on MSSQL or any other database types. But as long as LONGBLOB is supported - it should work OK

Currently Implemented:

-- Mysql Caching - single Table

Next features / testing

-- Multiple tables created for each cache partition

-- Benchmark new column with TTL for better select / delete processing

-- garbage collection to remove old TTL cached entries

mark willis

New in mysqlCaching 1.0.4

Changelog for mysqlcaching.

mysqlcaching 1.0.4


- Tweak for cache file move

mysqlcaching 1.0.3


- Updated get function

- Added license info to readme

mysqlcaching 1.0.2


- #1 Resolved uninstall seg fault

mysqlcaching 1.0.1


- #1 Fixed install paths

mysqlcaching 1.0.0


- Initial release.

- Mysql Caching



Supported Versions
2.2 – 2.3