NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl

NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl

Released Jun 01, 2017 by bobray

A front-end resource creation and editing snippet for MODx Revolution.

Download 1788kb (1088 downloads)
Downloads: 11,846
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

3.0.x -- New Features -- No more extJS/modExt. No more dependence on the MODX TinyMCE extra. Uses the elFinder browser. Allows image editing (crop, rotate, resize) in browser. Loads TinyMCE 4 from  Automatically redirects to Login page for not-logged-in users. See changelog for full list.

NewsPublisher presents a modifiable form for creating new resources and editing existing resources in the front end of a web site. The NpEditThisButton snippet is also included, which displays a button to launch NewsPublisher for the current page.

NewsPublisher responds to the MODx security permissions for a page. Users without the appropriate permissions cannot create or edit pages they are not authorized to access.

You can now have multiple edit buttons on a single page and can place edit buttons in the Tpl chunk of getResources or any other aggregator snippet.

Installation Instructions

Install using Package Manager and see the tutorial at Bobs Guides

NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl--------------------------------

  • Fix bug with &rtsummary and &rtdescription not registering
  • Fix bug with using file browser with tabs on
  • Fix bug with installing NP Policy and Policy Template
  • Fix JSLint errors in tabs js chunk

NewsPublisher 3.0.3-pl--------------------------------

  • Fix bug with non-html content-type extensions

NewsPublisher 3.0.2-pl


  • Fix bug with context_key for non-root docs in non-web context
  • Fix issue with elFinder search
  • Fix bug with invalid media sources caused by Quick Create
  • Add stopOnNoRte property
  • Add np_media_source_var System Setting
  • Minor improvements

NewsPublisher 3.0.1


  • Fix bug with unknown column in show property
  • Remove all dependencies on extJS/modExt
  • Remove all dependencies on TinyMCE extra
  • Load TinyMCE from
  • Integrate elFinder file/image browser
  • Enable image editing in file browser
  • Check Login status before any code executes
  • Add redirect to Login option
  • Add properties: filetpl, imagetpl, richtexttpl
  • Add properties: tinymceinittpl, tinysource
  • Add properties: initfilebrowser, elfinderinittpl
  • Allow direct configuration of TinyMCE
  • Allow direct configuration of elFinder
  • Force Media Source path for richtext TVs
  • Pass Media Source ID as _$GET variable
  • Allow disabling specific elFinder commands
  • Numerous bug fixes, sanity checks, and other improvements

NewsPublisher 2.1.0


  • Add optional Duplicate button to NP form
  • Add optional Delete button to NP form
  • Add confirmdelete option for popup dialog
  • Fix bug with setting language
  • Prevent parent=self bug
  • Fix unauthorized document error with multiple edit buttons
  • Fix bug with blank date TVs
  • Allow custom TV types
  • Add OwnPagesOnly option for edit button
  • Change description field to a textarea
  • Fix Template and TV bugs
  • Set parentid properly for existing resources

NewsPublisher 2.0.2


  • Fix bug with cancelid/cancelUrl
  • Mods to allow launching Notify
  • Clear cache for updated resource
  • Fix bug with parentid
  • Fix bug with syncsite

NewsPublisher 2.0.0


Allow editing MODX tags with allow_tags_in_post off

  • Mods for MODX 2.3 (thanks to Markus Schlegel)
  • Remove support for MODX versions < 2.2
  • Show parent and template as drop-down lists
  • Added &stopOnBadTv property to prevent error when a TV is not attached to current template
  • Allow users to unset pub_date
  • Fix bug with filebrowser/image TVs
  • Allow parent and templateid as property aliases
  • Fix bug with Articles class_key
  • Refactor noShow tests in NpEditThisButton
  • Prevent NpEditThisButton from executing on NewsPublisher page
  • Added &allowedtags property
  • Added missing tags to default allowed tags
  • Allow users to edit Home page with &editHome property
  • Cachebust CSS file
  • Fixed bug with dash in Resource List TV
  • Fixed more E_NOTICE bugs
  • Corrected Lexicon strings
  • Prevent switching of Media Source
  • Added Italian lexicon files -- Thanks to Alberto Ramacciotti (obert2k11)
  • Update German lexiconfiles -- thanks to Markus SchlegelMany bug fixes and corrections
  • Allow editing MODX tags with allow_tags_in_post off

NewsPublisher 1.4.2-pl


Bug fix for misnamed tabs Tpl

NewsPublisher 1.4.1-rc


  • Displays form with Tabs (thanks to Gregor Šekoranja)
  • Fixed E_NOTICE bugs with TinyMCE
  • Now Works with Articles
  • Added some missing snippet properties
  • Properties displayed in areas
  • Updates to tutorial and CSS
  • Misc. bug fixes

NewsPublisher 1.3.0-rc2


  • Fixed bug with name of TextArea Tpl chunk

NewsPublisher 1.3.0-rc1


  • Better error messages
  • Improved security
  • Fixed critical bug with multiple RTE areas (thanks Markus)
  • Added NewsPublisher policy and policy template
  • Now handles both file and image TVs; preview for selected images
  • Updates for MODX 2.2
  • Implemented custom captions property
  • Support for ResourceList TVs
  • Added 'aliasdateformat' property for formatting the date suffix
  • Removed hasimagetv, imagetvwidth, and imagetvheight properties
  • Display some fields as lists (template, class_key, content_dispo)
  • Datepicker TV: now supports date ranges, disabled dates and disabled days
  • Internationalization of invalid date message
  • Tweaks to template chunks to allow consistent CSS styling
  • Only loads required Tpl chunks
  • Many bug fixes, code simplification, and cleanup

  • Fixed bug with FileTpl
  • Fixed serious bug with TV values for TVs not shown in form being lost due to bug in MODX resource update processor
  • Fixed bug with user-supplied CSS file
  • Updated DatePicker to V5
  • Better International dates (thanks to mschlegel)
  • Fixed bug with forward to new page
  • Updated Translations
  • Revised Edit button to allow multiple buttons on a page (thanks to mschlegel)
  • Better handling of presubmit errors - no form shown

Version Released Author Downloads
20 Versions 1 Contributors 11,879 Downloads
3.0.3-pl May, 11 2017 bobray 155
3.0.2-pl Apr, 26 2017 bobray 170
3.0.1-pl Mar, 08 2017 bobray 230
3.0.0-pl Mar, 07 2017 bobray 106
2.1.0-pl Mar, 30 2015 bobray 1,719
2.0.2-pl Dec, 05 2014 bobray 499
2.0.0-pl Nov, 15 2014 bobray 311
1.4.2-pl Nov, 21 2012 bobray 1,931
1.4.1-rc Jul, 19 2012 bobray 688
1.3.0-rc2 Jun, 16 2012 bobray 411
1.2.1-pl2 Nov, 11 2011 bobray 1,081
1.2.1-pl Nov, 11 2011 bobray 252
1.2.0-rc2 Jul, 10 2011 bobray 824
1.2.0-rc1 Jun, 19 2011 bobray 0
1.1.0-pl1 Jun, 02 2011 bobray 431
1.0.7-beta1 Apr, 09 2011 bobray 623
1.0.6-beta1 Feb, 02 2011 bobray 572
1.0.4-beta1 Jan, 17 2011 bobray 444
1.0.1-beta-1 Jan, 06 2011 bobray 344