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Creator: Bob Ray (bobray)

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3.1.0-pl See Changelog

3.0.x -- New Features -- No more extJS/modExt. No more dependence on the MODX TinyMCE extra. Uses the elFinder browser. Allows image editing (crop, rotate, resize) in browser. Loads TinyMCE 4 from Automatically redirects to Login page for not-logged-in users. See changelog for full list.

NewsPublisher presents a modifiable form for creating new resources and editing existing resources in the front end of a web site. The NpEditThisButton snippet is also included, which displays a button to launch NewsPublisher for the current page.

NewsPublisher responds to the MODx security permissions for a page. Users without the appropriate permissions cannot create or edit pages they are not authorized to access.

You can now have multiple edit buttons on a single page and can place edit buttons in the Tpl chunk of getResources or any other aggregator snippet.


December 19, 2020
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current

New in NewsPublisher 3.1.0

NewsPublisher 3.1.0-pl--------------------------------

  • Implement use of &ownpagesonly on aggregating pages

  • Fix TinyMCE warning

  • Add option to generate alias from pagetitle and timestamp

  • Fix bug with hoverhelp

NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl--------------------------------

  • Fix bug with &rtsummary and &rtdescription not registering
  • Fix bug with using file browser with tabs on
  • Fix bug with installing NP Policy and Policy Template
  • Fix JSLint errors in tabs js chunk

NewsPublisher 3.0.3-pl--------------------------------

  • Fix bug with non-html content-type extensions

NewsPublisher 3.0.2-pl


  • Fix bug with contextkey for non-root docs in non-web context
  • Fix issue with elFinder search
  • Fix bug with invalid media sources caused by Quick Create
  • Add stopOnNoRte property
  • Add npmediasourcevar System Setting
  • Minor improvements

NewsPublisher 3.0.1


  • Fix bug with unknown column in show property
  • Remove all dependencies on extJS/modExt
  • Remove all dependencies on TinyMCE extra
  • Load TinyMCE from
  • Integrate elFinder file/image browser
  • Enable image editing in file browser
  • Check Login status before any code executes
  • Add redirect to Login option
  • Add properties: filetpl, imagetpl, richtexttpl
  • Add properties: tinymceinittpl, tinysource
  • Add properties: initfilebrowser, elfinderinittpl
  • Allow direct configuration of TinyMCE
  • Allow direct configuration of elFinder
  • Force Media Source path for richtext TVs
  • Pass Media Source ID as $GET variable
  • Allow disabling specific elFinder commands
  • Numerous bug fixes, sanity checks, and other improvements

NewsPublisher 2.1.0


  • Add optional Duplicate button to NP form
  • Add optional Delete button to NP form
  • Add confirmdelete option for popup dialog
  • Fix bug with setting language
  • Prevent parent=self bug
  • Fix unauthorized document error with multiple edit buttons
  • Fix bug with blank date TVs
  • Allow custom TV types
  • Add OwnPagesOnly option for edit button
  • Change description field to a textarea
  • Fix Template and TV bugs
  • Set parentid properly for existing resources

NewsPublisher 2.0.2


  • Fix bug with cancelid/cancelUrl
  • Mods to allow launching Notify
  • Clear cache for updated resource
  • Fix bug with parentid
  • Fix bug with syncsite

NewsPublisher 2.0.0


Allow editing MODX tags with allowtagsinpost off

  • Mods for MODX 2.3 (thanks to Markus Schlegel)
  • Remove support for MODX versions < 2.2
  • Show parent and template as drop-down lists
  • Added &stopOnBadTv property to prevent error when a TV is not attached to current template
  • Allow users to unset pubdate
  • Fix bug with filebrowser/image TVs
  • Allow parent and templateid as property aliases
  • Fix bug with Articles classkey
  • Refactor noShow tests in NpEditThisButton
  • Prevent NpEditThisButton from executing on NewsPublisher page
  • Added &allowedtags property
  • Added missing tags to default allowed tags
  • Allow users to edit Home page with &editHome property
  • Cachebust CSS file
  • Fixed bug with dash in Resource List TV
  • Fixed more ENOTICE bugs
  • Corrected Lexicon strings
  • Prevent switching of Media Source
  • Added Italian lexicon files -- Thanks to Alberto Ramacciotti (obert2k11)
  • Update German lexiconfiles -- thanks to Markus SchlegelMany bug fixes and corrections
  • Allow editing MODX tags with allowtagsinpost off

NewsPublisher 1.4.2-pl


Bug fix for misnamed tabs Tpl

NewsPublisher 1.4.1-rc


  • Displays form with Tabs (thanks to Gregor Šekoranja)
  • Fixed ENOTICE bugs with TinyMCE
  • Now Works with Articles
  • Added some missing snippet properties
  • Properties displayed in areas
  • Updates to tutorial and CSS
  • Misc. bug fixes

NewsPublisher 1.3.0-rc2


  • Fixed bug with name of TextArea Tpl chunk

NewsPublisher 1.3.0-rc1


  • Better error messages
  • Improved security
  • Fixed critical bug with multiple RTE areas (thanks Markus)
  • Added NewsPublisher policy and policy template
  • Now handles both file and image TVs; preview for selected images
  • Updates for MODX 2.2
  • Implemented custom captions property
  • Support for ResourceList TVs
  • Added 'aliasdateformat' property for formatting the date suffix
  • Removed hasimagetv, imagetvwidth, and imagetvheight properties
  • Display some fields as lists (template, classkey, content_dispo)
  • Datepicker TV: now supports date ranges, disabled dates and disabled days
  • Internationalization of invalid date message
  • Tweaks to template chunks to allow consistent CSS styling
  • Only loads required Tpl chunks
  • Many bug fixes, code simplification, and cleanup

  • Fixed bug with FileTpl
  • Fixed serious bug with TV values for TVs not shown in form being lost due to bug in MODX resource update processor
  • Fixed bug with user-supplied CSS file
  • Updated DatePicker to V5
  • Better International dates (thanks to mschlegel)
  • Fixed bug with forward to new page
  • Updated Translations
  • Revised Edit button to allow multiple buttons on a page (thanks to mschlegel)
  • Better handling of presubmit errors - no form shown


Current Releases

December 19, 2020
2.2 – Current
May 31, 2017
2.2 – Current
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