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About Notify

Notify sends email updates to users on your site and (optionally) posts to Twitter and Facebook. The users can be selected by User Group, and/or by tags specifying user interests. The updates are manual, rather than automatic, so Notify only sends them when you tell it to.

Notify pre-fills an update form based on Tpl chunks you can modify. During the pre-fill process, Notify will (optionally) shorten any URLs using any one of a number of URL-shortening services. For services like Google,, StumbleUpon, and TinyURL, Notify will use your API key during the shortening process.


August 6, 2018
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current
Supported Database
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

New in Notify 1.4.2

Notify 1.4.2-pl

  • Update Mailgun and Guzzle libs
  • Update cert file
  • Fix bug with JQueryUI URL
  • Add debug line for response

Notify 1.4.1-pl
  • Change alerts to console log
  • Add more debugging code
  • Fix aborting before finished on some platforms
  • Fix bug in groups selection
  • Make multiple attempts to send a packet of emails
  • Catch uncaught exceptions inside email classes

Notify 1.4.0

  • Add support for Mailgun
  • Refactor to allow easier addition of new mail services
  • Create MailService interface
  • Improve diagnostics
  • Add mailService property
  • Add additionalHeaders property
  • Use Composer for Mandrill and Mailgun classes
  • Implement optimized autoloader
  • Fix bug with testEmailAddress

Notify 1.3.0-pl

  • Add allowedGroups to allow groups other than Administrator to use Notify
  • Minor bug fixes

Notify 1.2.4-pl

  • Allows launch from NewsPublisher and other extras
  • Fixes bugs with Tpl names
  • Looks for chunks prefixed with 'My'
  • Fixes undefined JS variable bug
  • Fixes Oauth issues

Notify 1.2.3-pl


Re-fix oauth.php bug

Fix bug with user-specified Tpl chunks

Notify 1.2.2-pl2


  • Prevent spurious alerts
  • Fix bug with case of oauth.php file

Notify 1.2.2-pl


  • Add Option to send with Mandrill email service
  • Progress bar for bulk sends
  • Much faster sends
  • Make unsubscribe URL optional
  • Add &maxLogs property to limit number of logs kept
  • Handle TV placeholders - thanks to support from Aaron Baxter
  • Add &includeTVs, &includeTVList, and &processTVs properties
  • Add &useExtendedFields property
  • Allow Groups to be selected with buttons, like Tags
  • Set url placeholder for resources
  • Improve Error Handling
  • Retrieve users in batches to conserve memory
  • Improved query efficiency with user groups
  • Add &debug property

Notify 1.1.4 pl
  • ------------
  • Adapt to yet another Twitter API Change
  • Russian Translation - thanks to Viktor Matushevskyi (Viktorminator)
  • Fix bug with quotes in pagetitles
  • Notify 1.1.3 pl
  • ------------
  • Fixed bug with wrong unsubscribe link being sent
  • Better avoidance of timeouts
  • Fix bug with url shortening service
  • Improved security


Current Releases

August 6, 2018
2.2 – Current
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