orphoMan 1.2.1-pl

orphoMan 1.2.1-pl

Released Mar 19, 2017 by sergant210

OrphoMan - clear your content from mistakes.

Download 456kb (253 downloads)
Downloads: 941
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql
How to use

Put the snippet OrphoMan into the template or resources, where you
want users can notify administrator about mistakes. To do this, they need
to select the incorrect word(s) and press Ctrl+Enter.
Do not forget to set the system option "mail_to" if you want to notify
the administrator.

On mobile devices make a selection and tap on it.

If the user is authenticated in the 'mgr' context (logged in backend), he can see highlighted mistakes.

Snippet parameters

  • min - minimum number of allowed characters. By default, 5.
  • max - maximum number of allowed characters. By default, 100.
  • tpl - chunk of the dialog template.
  • tplButton - chunk of the information button template. If empty the button will not be shown. On mobile devices is not shown.
  • loadjGrowl - load jGrowl for notification.

System setting

  • orphoman.auto_delete - Automatic removal of the mistakes that not found on the specified page.
  • orphoman.email_body - Html template of the email notify message. Optional.
  • orphoman.email_subject - Email subject about a mistake. Optional.
  • orphoman.highlight - Turn mistakes highlighting on/off.
  • orphoman.mail_to - The administrator email.
  • orphoman.tpl - A template to highlight mistakes on the page.
  • orphoman.frontend_css - path to the css file.
  • orphoman.frontend_js - path to the js file.

In the backend you can manage found mistakes.

See detailed information on Github

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Manager



- Changed the sanitizing method for user message to enable punctuation marks.



- Added a dialog for the table of mistakes.

- Some improvements.



- Javascript optimization for mobile devices.



- Fixed bug with double notification when press after add a comment.

- Update style for jGrowl notifications.

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4 Versions 1 Contributors 939 Downloads
1.2.0-pl Jul, 03 2016 sergant210 244
1.1.2-pl Feb, 29 2016 sergant210 158
1.0.2-pl Jun, 02 2015 sergant210 284