Page Hit Counter 3.0.0-pl

Page Hit Counter 3.0.0-pl

Released Apr 11, 2011 by sottwell
A module that will create the necessary table in the database if it does not yet exist. If the table exists, it will display a list of pages and a count of their visits.

The plugin simply puts the document ID and the counter into the table. If the document does not exist, it inserts the ID and the counter 1. If the document does already exist, it just updates the counter by adding 1 to the existing counter value.

Manager user visits will not be counted, nor will visits to any page where the Log Visits box has been cleared.

Download 2kb (1129 downloads)
Downloads: 4,521
License: Public Domain
Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

Plugin and module to count page visits. Updated for Evolution.

Installation Instructions

Create a new Module, copy/paste the contents of the module.php file. Create a new Plugin, copy/paste the contents of the plugin.php file. Set the System Event to onWebPagePrerender.

UpdatesVersion 2.0 - Ajax-based single page view

Updated module for Evolution

Removed AJAX processor. Use a snippet to access the database and add one to the count for individual page counts.

Version Released Author Downloads
2 Versions 1 Contributors 4,523 Downloads
2.0.0 Aug, 08 2006 sottwell 3,399