phpThumb Package 0.2.0

phpThumb Package 0.2.0

Released Jun 24, 2007 by maff
A PHx modifier to use phpThumb ( within your templates. PHPThumb creates thumbnails and altered images on the fly and caches them. I use it in my snippets to have control over the images in my template and not in the script itself. For me it's a further step to separate the programming logic and the layout.

Additionally, there is a plugin, which reads width and height values from img tags (e.g. images resized in RTE) and resizes them automatically. You can also specify custom parameters by appending them to the image URL.

Original Forum Thread:,14858.0.html Download 136kb (1054 downloads)
Downloads: 9,590
License: GPL - GNU Public
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
A snippet (a PHx extension) and a plugin to use phpThumb within MODx.

Installation Instructions

- Copy my slightly modified phpThumb to assets/snippets/phpthumb
- Change phpThumb.config.php according to your needs (GD/ImageMagick, caching, ...) and create the cache directory (assets/images/.phpthumb_cache by default)
- Copy image.php to your MODx document root
- Change the high security password in phpThumb.config.php
- Create a new snippet called phx:phpthumb and paste the contents of this file.
- If you want to use the plugin paste the contents of plugin_phpthumb.php into a new plugin and check the OnWebPagePreRender Event.
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