Polls 1.3.2-pl

Polls 1.3.2-pl

Released Oct 09, 2012 by bertoost

The Polls component for Revolution. With the delivered snippets it is very easy to setup a voteable question on your website. You can also let visitors view the results of that poll. Single poll, listing of polls, latest one, etc.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 84kb (4151 downloads)
Downloads: 8,207
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

A simple MODx Revolution Polls component.

With this component you can create questions and each question could have an unlimited number of answers. With the two snippets you're able to create a view of the latest poll and results of the poll.

A visitor can vote for an answer and by logging their vote (IP based) will make them could vote just once (in the future this would be configurable per question).

Installation Instructions

Install the Polls component via the Package Manager inside Revolution.

Use the official Add-Ons Documentation for some help or look inside the snippets for additional parameters.


See the changelog in the package for details

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 1 Contributors 8,221 Downloads
1.3.1-pl Oct, 09 2012 bertoost 214
1.3.0-pl Apr, 29 2012 bertoost 823
1.2.0-pl Mar, 16 2012 bertoost 461
1.1.0-rc1 Jan, 22 2011 bertoost 1,637
1.0.0-pl Jan, 09 2011 bertoost 337
0.1.0-rc2 Dec, 26 2010 bertoost 338
0.1.0-rc1 Dec, 23 2010 bertoost 266