PrettyGallery 1.0.0-beta

PrettyGallery 1.0.0-beta

Released Aug 20, 2011 by benmarte

PrettyGallery is the easiest way to create a lightbox Gallery in MODx.

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Download 1448kb (2878 downloads)
Downloads: 2,860
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.1.x
Supports mysql,sqlsrv


Version 1.0.0-beta1, August 20 2011


Initial public release.

Installation Instructions

How does it work?

First make sure you have Gallery installed in MODx and a gallery album created then create a new resource and select the prettyGallery template.

Then go to the Templates Variable tab and select the gallery you want to display in PrettyGallery, choose your theme, options and specify your thumbnail with and height settings save the resource and preview your page.

It's that simple now to get a lightbox gallery in MODx, here are some samples of the themes.