Redirector 2.0.8-pl

Redirector 2.0.8-pl

Released Dec 23, 2016 by bertoost

Handles 301 redirects for your site, storing them in an easy-to-navigate grid.

Also can track Resource URI updates automatically (enable it via system settings)

Download 70kb (5029 downloads)
Downloads: 23,479
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

Handles 301 redirects for your site, storing them in an easy-to-navigate grid.

Also can track Resource URI updates automatically (enable it via system settings)

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management.

New in 2.0.8-pl

  • Fixed: BlindSQL Injection
  • Added: Moving to GPM config
  • Improved: Minor styling tweaks to better fit into current Revo 2.5 branch

New in 2.0.7-pl

  • Improved: made combo list minimum width to 300px so pagetitle are readable without a maximized window (rtripault)
  • Improved: when selecting any site-start page, a "/" is being used as target. Will be converted to full URL by plugin
  • Fixed: contexts combo vs resources list, to filter resources that only belongs to selected context
  • Fixed: tracking URI changes, only when setting "redirector.track_uri_updates" is enabled (true, 1, yes, y.. etc.)

New in 2.0.6-pl

  • New feature: [#31] Add a "View Redirect" option
  • Fixed: [#33] Double slashes in redirect
  • Fixed: [#43] Cannot set redirect for an existing, unpublished Resource (uri)
  • Fixed: [#44] Undefined lexicon: redirect_err_ae_resource
  • Fixed: [#47] Support for MODX link tags and prepend whole site-url
  • Fixed: [#48] Problems with cyrillic URLs
  • Fixed: Manager UI and fixed selecting a target resource URI parsing
  • Fixed: [#24] [#26] [#32] [#46] Added senseless where statement to the REGEX where statement, to avoid xPDO errors
  • Fixed: new/update redirect resource box margin set to 0.
  • [#23] Fixed: redirect raw data import doesn't work

New in 2.0.5-pl

  • Fixed: plugin not checking URL extension any more, it should redirect based on whole URL data
  • Fixed: look a like patterns working as expected, regex pattern not checked at once
  • New feature: tracks the number of times a redirect has been triggered. Also first and last date/time are registered

New in 2.0.4-pl

  • Fixed: entering and checking MODX link tags
  • Fixed: parsed full urls are now got validated by PHP get_headers()
  • Fixed: entering regex targets starting with '$' sign to be valid

New in 2.0.3-pl

  • New feature: including (relative) file support for redirection
  • Fixed: using the right setting key in the Redirector plugin
  • Fixed: broken unsinstall tables without having db manager instance
  • Updated Russian translation (Thanks to @danyaPostfactum)
  • Updated Frensch translation (Thanks to @rtripault)

New in 2.0.2-pl

  • Added grid row expander to show errors against pattern and target URIs
  • Updated Lexicon files with new entries (not yet translated, help needed!)
  • Improved setting target to resource URI (instead of id) on resource selection
  • Added checks on pattern & context combination. Should be unique
  • Fixed unique index on db columns pattern and context_key, length is not respected by xPDO

New in 2.0.1-pl

  • Fixed saving MODX link tag as valid value for target

New in 2.0.0-pl

  • New feature: possibility to import from CSV files and raw data
  • Added visible view (red bar) when a redirect is invalid (pattern or target)
  • Redirect created on URI update. Enable/disable via System Settings (Thanks to chrischerrett)
  • Added support for regular expressions in pattern and replaces in target (preg_replace, Thanks to eprochasson)
  • Added support for context specific rules
  • Added support for contexts-as-subfolder (Thanks to jkenters)
  • UI fixes for MODX 2.2+
  • Code compatible with MODX 2.2+

New in 1.0.3-pl

  • Added sqlsrv support
  • Added changelog to package

New in 1.0.2-pl

  • Added German translation
  • Added Dutch translation
New in 1.0.1-pl
  • Added Dutch translation

Version Released Author Downloads
14 Versions 3 Contributors 23,508 Downloads
2.0.7-pl Sep, 17 2015 bertoost 4,221
2.0.6-pl Sep, 12 2015 bertoost 255
2.0.5-pl Apr, 24 2014 bertoost 4,283
2.0.4-pl Apr, 11 2014 bertoost 465
2.0.3-pl Mar, 29 2014 bertoost 455
2.0.2-pl Mar, 19 2014 bertoost 364
2.0.1-pl Mar, 15 2014 bertoost 296
1.0.3-pl Mar, 29 2011 splittingred 5,353
1.0.2-pl Mar, 07 2011 splittingred 437
1.0.1-pl Jan, 04 2011 splittingred 532
1.0.0-pl Aug, 12 2010 splittingred 983
1.0.0-beta2 May, 07 2010 splittingred 578
1.0.0-beta1 Apr, 22 2010 splittingred 257