ResourceWatcher 1.0.0-pl

ResourceWatcher 1.0.0-pl

Released Nov 01, 2011 by romain

A plugin for MODX Revolution that let you send emails upon resource creation and/or update.

Download 38kb (1495 downloads)
Downloads: 2,290
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.1.x or greater
Supports mysql

ResourceWatcher is a plugin that lets send emails when a resource is created/edited, published/unpublished.

Installation Instructions

  • Install from the package manager
  • Configure the plugin behavior in the system settings (resourcewatcher namespace)

  • Removed modMail::MAIL_SENDER causing issues under IIS
  • Added email addresses validity verification using filter_var (so PHP 5.2.0+ required)
  • Some bug fixes to allow new/pub/upd states to play well all together

Version Released Author Downloads
4 Versions 1 Contributors 2,295 Downloads
1.0.0-rc3 Sep, 25 2011 romain 305
1.0.0-rc2 Sep, 24 2011 romain 255
1.0.0-rc1 Sep, 24 2011 romain 241