ResSaveSort 1.0.3-pl

ResSaveSort 1.0.3-pl

Released Jan 07, 2017 by jako

Sort MODX containers after saving resources.

Download 29kb (215 downloads)
Downloads: 1,725
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql

With this MODX Revolution plugin automatic sorting of MODX containers could be triggered.

The plugin uses the system setting ressavesort.sorts, that contains a JSON encoded array of sort configurations.

Since version 1.0.2 you could generate the JSON with a grid in the system setting edit window.

Each sort configuration could use the following settings:

  • sortby: Resource fields to sort the MODX container by (template variables have to be prefixed by `tv.`), defaults to pagetitle
  • sortdir: Direction to sort the MODX container by (`asc` or `desc`), defaults to asc
  • sortcontainer: ID of the MODX container that has to be sorted, defaults to the parent of the current document

For full details and an example configuration see the documentation.

This project is hosted on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

Install through the MODX package manager.

  • Bugfox for invalid resource variable

Version Released Author Downloads
7 Versions 1 Contributors 1,725 Downloads
1.0.2-pl Dec, 30 2016 jako 85
1.0.1-pl Jun, 02 2014 jako 456
1.0.0-pl4 Jun, 19 2013 jako 349
1.0.0-pl3 Jun, 19 2013 jako 168
1.0.0-pl2 Jun, 18 2013 jako 244
1.0.0-pl Jun, 18 2013 jako 206