SearchHighlight 2.1.1-pl

SearchHighlight 2.1.1-pl

Released Mar 13, 2019 by jako

Highlight search terms on page linked from search results.

Download 37kb (11 downloads)
Downloads: 823
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql

The plugin in this package highlights the searched terms in the 'searched' request parameter on the fly on the current displayed page. If the request parameter 'searchtype' is filled with 'exactphrase', only the full request in 'searched' is highlighted.

The highlight result could be templated with a chunk, that could be referenced in the MODX system settings. A lot of SearchHighlight options could be changed with the system settings in the 'searchhighlight' namespace.

This project is hosted on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

MODX Package Management.

  • The search is working case insensitive again

Version Released Author Downloads
3 Versions 1 Contributors 824 Downloads
2.1.0-pl Feb, 24 2019 jako 23
2.0.0-pl Nov, 26 2015 jako 790