SEO Pro 1.1.0-pl

SEO Pro 1.1.0-pl

Released May 09, 2017 by sterc

MODX SEO Pro is your buddy when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in MODX. It reminds you of keyword usage and character limits.

SEO Pro features:

  • Keyword optimization by determining page keywords
  • Optimize your pagetitle (Title), longtitle (SEO Title), description (META Description) and alias (URL) by comparing your focus keywords to your content
  • Realtime preview of your page in Google's search results
Download 90kb (678 downloads)
Downloads: 13,682
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.5.x
Supports mysql

SEO Pro is a MODX Extra developed by Sterc. This Extra offers you guidance in the process of optimising your website for search engines. It enables you to enter focus keywords per page. Based on that input, SEO Pro provides you feedback on the SEO quality of your pagetitle, longtitle, description and alias by checking if the keywords are present.

Installation Instructions

Template placeholders

[[+seoPro.title]] Sets the ultimate SEO page title.

[[+seoPro.keywords]] Add your keywords to the page. 


1. Pick a page on your MODX website which you would like to optimise for search engines and click it.

2. Look for the field called 'Focus keywords'. Enter the keywords you would like to optimise your page for.

3. Take a look at the input fields with a 'Keywords' label. Make sure keywords are present here and you don't exceed the given length.

4. Save it.

SEO Pro 1.1.0 pl


- Removed template request parameter for OnLoadWebDocument system event

- Fixed resource/create processor error when creating resource without $data['keywords'] set (PR#56)

- Add build config for GPM

- Add lexicon for branding text

- Fix character count in pagetitle/longtitle to include site_name according to system setting 'usesitename' (#48 and #57)

- Allow plugin to fire on new resource, when template is default_template (#58)

- Refactor assigning and checking of template resource/request variable (#58 and #59)

- Add system settings for max amount keywords for title/description (#51)

- Add keyword counter to Keywords labels on title/description (#51)

- Add support for Yandex (via system settings)

- Add tooltip to focus keywords field (#52)

seoPro 1.0.4 pl


- Saving keywords on save #29

- FIX #39 alias error on homepage (friendly urls) @bartholomej

- Added seopro.disabledtemplates option @Jako

seoPro 1.0.3 pl


- Fixed keyword count to work also with Cyrillic

- Fixed empty NOT NULL field resource to NULL

- Added styles for MODX 2.3, thanks to christianseel

seoPro 1.0.2 pl


- Added system setting for to enabled/disabled sitename in preview and seoPro.title placeholder

seoPro 1.0.0 pl


- Initial Public Release

- Added several lexicons

-- Special thanks to

--- DE: Christian Seel

--- FR: Romain Tripault

--- IT: Alberto Rossi

--- RU: Ilya Ershov

- Added system setting for divider

- Added system setting for field where seoPro should trigger on.

Version Released Author Downloads
5 Versions 2 Contributors 13,704 Downloads
1.0.4-pl Aug, 28 2015 sterc 8,087
1.0.3-pl Jul, 15 2014 sterc 3,733
1.0.2-pl Feb, 11 2014 sterc 904
1.0.0-pl Jan, 10 2014 sterc 302