SEO Tab 2.1.0-pl

SEO Tab 2.1.0-pl

Released Jun 19, 2018 by sterc

SEO Tab is a MODX Extra that helps you optimise your pages for the best possible performance in search engines, like Google.

Key features of SEO Tab:

  • Manage search engine visibility (noindex, nofollow)
  • Manage internal search behavior
  • Manage your Google XML Sitemap(s)
  • Manage 301 redirects both centrally and per resource
  • Automatically generate 301 redirects when changing a resource URL
  • Freeze URL functionality is moved into the SEO-tab

Download 266kb (5093 downloads)
Downloads: 30,123
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.6.x
Supports mysql

Important: At the moment SEOTab won't work with PHP7.2 due to an issue in MODX (2.6.1 and lower). The issue is addressed here:

MODX SEO Tab - The best way to perform in search engines

SEO Tab is a MODX Extra that helps you optimize your pages for the best possible performance in search engines, like Google.

Key features of SEO Tab

  • Manage search engine visibility (noindex, nofollow)
  • Manage internal search engine behavior
  • Manage your Google XML Sitemap(s)
  • Manage 301 redirects
  • Automatically generate 301 redirects when changing a resource URL
  • Freeze URL functionality is moved into the SEO-tab

Questions, contribute, bugs, feature requests

Contact Gauke Pieter Sietzema for questions on Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn or through email. SEO Tab is maintained in Github. You can contribute (code/translations), issue bugs and feature requests there.

Installation Instructions

Install this update via the menu Extras > Installer in the MODX manager. Clear your MODX cache, by clicking the menu Manage > Clear Cache. A new tab in your resource-edit panel will appear called 'SEO'.

First of all: ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE UPDATING! Especially the modx_site_content database table in this case.

Upgrading to 2.0.0 from 1.* is highly recommended, but it does introduce some risks. SEO Tab 1.* stored the 301 redirects into the properties-column of a resource. SEO Tab 2 stores it in a seperate database table. This means a migration is needed. The migration-process is memory-intensive and might take a very long time, so just let it roll until it mentions a finished migration.

Possible problems (and solutions):

  • Long migration-process because of many resources and redirects (think of 1000+ resource websites). Not really a problem, but if you have a big site, just plan your update at a low-traffic time, because redirects won't work 100% during the migration.
  • A blank page with a 500 error. This usually is because of memory issues. Try to re-run the migration with a lower limit and queryLimit. It is currently set to limit:1000 and queryLimit=100. Try setting it to 500 and 50 in core/components/stercseo/processors/mgr/redirect/migrate.class.php
  • If you somehow end up with an unfinished migration and the migration-notice is gone, you can fix it by setting the SystemSetting stercseo.migration_status to 0.

SEO TAB 2.1.0-plValidate if formtabs data exists in seoImageSiteMap

  • Fixed default values for SEO Tab install in existing website
  • Fixed error on update resolver
  • Added SimpleCart compatibility
  • Fix redirects without correct site_url context

SEO Tab 2.0.4-pl


- Added options for generating template specific sitemaps and image sitemaps

- Add update resolver for replacing true/false property values with 1/0

- Add check for objects in OnResourceBeforeSort system event in plugin (#121)

- Fix the onpagenotfound request-url to use SERVER variable instead modx system setting for https

- Get site_url from context object instead of modx getOption in OnResourceBeforeSort event

- Update russian lexicons (thanks to pitrooo) PR#120

SEO Tab 2.0.3-pl


- Add searchable default property from system setting on new resources

SEO Tab 2.0.2-pl


- Fix issue where changing resource template 'searchable' value was reset

SEO Tab 2.0.1-pl


- Rewrite [] to array() for backwards compatibility

SEOTab 2.0.0-pl



- 301 redirects are now stored in a separate table (migration page included)

- New custom manager page for viewing and managing 301 redirects

- Added systemsetting for excluding usergroups from accessing SEOTab #39

- Automatically add redirect for resource and children when moving or changing alias/uri (thanks to Michael Engel). PR#63

- Menu description was added

- Text is updated

- Added 'http' check-up and entered pre-populated text field

- Fixed bug #61: OnPageNotFound doesn't works correctly on site with many resources

- Fixed bug #71: Target / Resource URL Dialog + Enhancement

- Fixed bug #72: Sorting options

- Fixed bug #73: Confirmation dialog added

- Fixed bug #74: Duplicate-redirect check

- Fixed bug #81: 301 from context2 to context1 results in 404

- Fixed bug #85: 301 redirect of current page URL is not allowed

- Fixed bug #86: noindex results in exclusion from the sitemap

- Fixed bug #92: Migration dies on timeout

- Fixed bug #93: Deleting saved objects onEmptyTrash

- Fixed bug #94: All pages set to noindex,nofollow after installation

- Fixed bug #98: Memory issues after installation

SEOTab 1.2.2-pl


- Changed author

- Removed development files

- Added automatically adding 301 redirects if alias of page is changed #42

- Added option to set params outerTpl and rowTpl for StercSeoSiteMap snippet #52

SEOTab 1.2.1-pl


- Fixed 301 redirect do not match URLS containing & and %  #32

- Fixed bug with clearing resource URI would add unnecessary 301 redirects

SEOTab 1.2.0-pl


- Changed style for MODX 2.4

- Multiple context support inside sitemap

SEOTab 1.1.2-pl


- Added ability to hide SEOTab for certain contexts (Todo: also add usergroups and templates)

SEOTab 1.1.1-pl


- Optimized 301 grid for MODX 2.3.x

SEOTab 1.1.0-pl


- Changed save function on new document

SEOTab 1.0.10-pl


-Reversed Pull request #30 for not working properly

SEOTab 1.0.9-pl


-Fixed wide vtabs body for MODX 2.3

SEOTab 1.0.8-pl


- Fixed disappearing values when only update 301 redirects. This also fixes the multi context bug. 

- Removed custom CSS for MODX 2.3

SEOTab 1.0.7-pl


- Test against explicit removal from sitemap #30

- Get defaults from modx settings. Add Context aware redirects #28

SEOTab 1.0.6-pl

- Fix OnPageNotFound #23

SEOTab 1.0.2-pl


- Fixed the install for plugin events

- Changed datetime format for Google Sitemap

SEOTab 1.0.1-pl


- Loading tab with Articles

- Added RU localization

- French translation

- Update transport.snippets.php

- Enable drag&drop sorting creating redirects

- Changed the sitemap

SEOTab 1.0.0-pl


- Initial release

Version Released Author Downloads
23 Versions 2 Contributors 30,147 Downloads
2.0.4-pl Sep, 26 2017 sterc 4,683
2.0.3-pl Aug, 03 2017 sterc 1,174
2.0.2-pl Aug, 02 2017 sterc 133
2.0.1-pl Mar, 10 2017 sterc 2,566
2.0.0-pl Mar, 08 2017 sterc 198
1.2.2-pl Dec, 18 2015 sterc 4,477
1.2.1-pl Dec, 04 2015 sterc 442
1.2.0-pl Aug, 28 2015 sterc 1,592
1.1.2-pl Jul, 14 2015 sterc 878
1.1.1-pl May, 21 2015 sterc 1,039
1.1.0-pl Jan, 05 2015 sterc 1,887
1.0.10-pl Jul, 22 2014 sterc 1,587
1.0.9-pl Jul, 16 2014 sterc 344
1.0.8-pl Jul, 14 2014 sterc 304
1.0.7-pl Jul, 10 2014 sterc 4
1.0.6-pl Jun, 16 2014 wiegers 514
1.0.5-pl May, 01 2014 wiegers 611
1.0.4-pl Mar, 28 2014 wiegers 652
1.0.3-pl Feb, 18 2014 wiegers 663
1.0.2-pl Feb, 11 2014 wiegers 330
1.0.1-pl Feb, 05 2014 wiegers 332
1.0.0-pl Nov, 28 2013 wiegers 644