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By Sterc Agency (sterc)

MODX SEO Tab - The best way to perform in search engines

SEO Tab is a MODX Extra that helps you optimize your pages for the best possible performance in search engines, like Google.

Key features of SEO Tab

  • Manage search engine visibility (noindex, nofollow)
  • Manage internal search engine behavior
  • Manage your Google XML Sitemap(s)
  • Manage 301 redirects
  • Automatically generate 301 redirects when changing a resource URL
  • Freeze URL functionality is moved into the SEO-tab

Questions, contribute, bugs, feature requests

Contact Gauke Pieter Sietzema for questions on Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn or through email. SEO Tab is maintained in Github. You can contribute (code/translations), issue bugs and feature requests there.

Free Extra
This is a free extra and the code is publicly available for you to change. The extra is being actively maintained and you're free to put in pull requests which match our roadmap. Please create an issue if the pull request differs from the roadmap so we can make sure we're on the same page.

Need help? Approach our support desk for paid premium support.

Sterc Agency

New in SEO Tab 2.2.0

SEOTAB 2.2.0-pl

  • Added system setting so resoures with unpublished parent can automatically be excluded from XML sitemap
  • Prevent adding multiple redirects which are the same (#96)
  • Added check if a redirect already exists when creating a freeze URI (#53)
  • Added check so resources with noindex/nofollow are also automatically excluded from XML sitemap (#138)
  • Added option to add alternate language links to XML sitemap based on Babel #67
  • Fixed bug #131: XML sitemaps can be excluded from resource sitemap but be shown in index sitemap
  • Fixed bug #91/#147: Made 301 redirects independent of used server protocol
  • Fixed bug #148: 301 redirect was not being created when changing alias
  • Fixed bug #141: Showing new URL/Resource with correct value when using paginated results
  • Added option for bulk removing redirects in CMP #137
  • Fixed bug #143: Fixed issue with excluded usergroups check
  • System settings made overwritable per context (#158)
  • Made old URLs clickable in CMP and resource tab (#113)
  • Fixed bug (#144): Default SEO properties are not being set
  • Added all resource fields to be available inside sitemap rowTpl (#150)
  • Fixed bug #153: notice Undefined index: HTTPS
  • Fixed bug #149: alias not found warnings in manager context

SEO TAB 2.1.0-pl

  • Validate if formtabs data exists in seoImageSiteMap
  • Fixed default values for SEO Tab install in existing website
  • Fixed error on update resolver
  • Added SimpleCart compatibility
  • Fix redirects without correct siteurl context

SEO Tab 2.0.4-pl


- Added options for generating template specific sitemaps and image sitemaps

- Add update resolver for replacing true/false property values with 1/0

- Add check for objects in OnResourceBeforeSort system event in plugin (#121)

- Fix the onpagenotfound request-url to use SERVER variable instead modx system setting for https

- Get siteurl from context object instead of modx getOption in OnResourceBeforeSort event

- Update russian lexicons (thanks to pitrooo) PR#120

SEO Tab 2.0.3-pl


- Add searchable default property from system setting on new resources

SEO Tab 2.0.2-pl


- Fix issue where changing resource template 'searchable' value was reset

SEO Tab 2.0.1-pl


- Rewrite [] to array() for backwards compatibility

SEOTab 2.0.0-pl



- 301 redirects are now stored in a separate table (migration page included)

- New custom manager page for viewing and managing 301 redirects

- Added systemsetting for excluding usergroups from accessing SEOTab #39

- Automatically add redirect for resource and children when moving or changing alias/uri (thanks to Michael Engel). PR#63

- Menu description was added

- Text is updated

- Added 'http' check-up and entered pre-populated text field

- Fixed bug #61: OnPageNotFound doesn't works correctly on site with many resources

- Fixed bug #71: Target / Resource URL Dialog + Enhancement

- Fixed bug #72: Sorting options

- Fixed bug #73: Confirmation dialog added

- Fixed bug #74: Duplicate-redirect check

- Fixed bug #81: 301 from context2 to context1 results in 404

- Fixed bug #85: 301 redirect of current page URL is not allowed

- Fixed bug #86: noindex results in exclusion from the sitemap

- Fixed bug #92: Migration dies on timeout

- Fixed bug #93: Deleting saved objects onEmptyTrash

- Fixed bug #94: All pages set to noindex,nofollow after installation

- Fixed bug #98: Memory issues after installation

SEOTab 1.2.2-pl


- Changed author

- Removed development files

- Added automatically adding 301 redirects if alias of page is changed #42

- Added option to set params outerTpl and rowTpl for StercSeoSiteMap snippet #52

SEOTab 1.2.1-pl


- Fixed 301 redirect do not match URLS containing & and %  #32

- Fixed bug with clearing resource URI would add unnecessary 301 redirects

SEOTab 1.2.0-pl


- Changed style for MODX 2.4

- Multiple context support inside sitemap

SEOTab 1.1.2-pl


- Added ability to hide SEOTab for certain contexts (Todo: also add usergroups and templates)

SEOTab 1.1.1-pl


- Optimized 301 grid for MODX 2.3.x

SEOTab 1.1.0-pl


- Changed save function on new document

SEOTab 1.0.10-pl


-Reversed Pull request #30 for not working properly

SEOTab 1.0.9-pl


-Fixed wide vtabs body for MODX 2.3

SEOTab 1.0.8-pl


- Fixed disappearing values when only update 301 redirects. This also fixes the multi context bug. 

- Removed custom CSS for MODX 2.3

SEOTab 1.0.7-pl


- Test against explicit removal from sitemap #30

- Get defaults from modx settings. Add Context aware redirects #28

SEOTab 1.0.6-pl

- Fix OnPageNotFound #23

SEOTab 1.0.2-pl


- Fixed the install for plugin events

- Changed datetime format for Google Sitemap

SEOTab 1.0.1-pl


- Loading tab with Articles

- Added RU localization

- French translation

- Update transport.snippets.php

- Enable drag&drop sorting creating redirects

- Changed the sitemap

SEOTab 1.0.0-pl


- Initial release



March 11, 2019
Supported Versions
2.4 – 2.7

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