Simple Ace Code Editor 1.1.0-pl

Simple Ace Code Editor 1.1.0-pl

Released May 03, 2018 by indigo74

Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) *simple* integration for MODx Revolution.

Ace Provides best syntax highlighting and desktop-editors behavior (Sublime, Vim, Textmate) in your Elements, Files and Resources (when wysiwyg is disabled). It comes with a lot of color schemes (monokai by default).


  • Dead simple. Really.
  • Works out of the box with sensible default
  • Uses latest Ace version 1.3.3 (want another version? Modify the URL!)
  • Load Ace library (and extensions) from CDNJS (configurable)
  • CTRL-D to duplicate (configurable)
  • Auto completion on CTRL-SPACE (configurable)
  • MODX syntax highlighting
  • Emmet integration (configurable)
  • Full-screen support (F11 while cursor in editor)
  • Any syntax highlighter for your chunks! Set a specific MIME type for you chunks (like a shebang) E.g. text/x-sass to have SASS syntax highlighting

It is based on the work of Ace extra by danya_postfactum.

Report issues / suggestion at

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 19kb (84 downloads)
Downloads: 1,954
License: GPLv3
Requires Revolution 2.6.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

Previous version was broken due to PackMan.

Switched to a proper build script.

Installation Instructions

Install via Package manager.

It should work out of the box.

You may have to set which_element_editor system option to SimpleAceCodeEditor.

Check the plugin properties for some options.

03 May 2018 - Indigo74Version 1.1Moved from PackMan to proper build script11 Apr. 2018 - Indigo74GitHub repo init18 Feb. 2018 - Indigo74Initial version

Version Released Author Downloads
10 Versions 1 Contributors 1,954 Downloads
1.5.2-pl Jan, 13 2019 indigo74 287
1.5.1-pl Oct, 24 2018 indigo74 423
1.5.0-pl Oct, 15 2018 indigo74 106
1.4.6-pl Sep, 30 2018 indigo74 142
1.4.5-pl Sep, 25 2018 indigo74 86
1.4.4-pl May, 15 2018 indigo74 599
1.4.3-pl May, 11 2018 indigo74 55
1.2.0-pl May, 10 2018 indigo74 43
1.0.0-pl Feb, 20 2018 indigo74 129