About SimpleSearch

A simple search solution for MODx Revolution. Loosely based on AjaxSearch for Evolution (minus the ajax). Only searches Resources; does not search dynamic content.

See the official documentation here:http://rtfm.modx.com/display/addon/SimpleSearch/


May 27, 2011
Supported Versions
2.0 – Current
Supported Database
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

New in SimpleSearch 1.4.0

New in 1.4.0

  • Improved TV indexing for Solr-based searches, all TVs are now pre-processed and included during index
  • Fixed bug with processTVs in basic search
  • [#49] Add sortBy and sortDir properties for sorting of results
  • [#48] Fix issue with internationalization of no results message
  • [#50] Fix issue with pagination and searches with spaces
  • Fixed missing plugin in build script for Solr indexing
  • Added Solr search implementation, split up search into driver-specific classes
  • [#37] Fix charset in German translation
  • [#46] Add tpl for no results message, in property noResultsTpl
  • Fix bug in simplesearchform.snippet where spaces were being removed from searchValue
  • Fix SqlSrv query issues

New in 1.3.0

  • Add sisea.facet placeholder for results page, and 'search' parameter to be sent into posthooks
  • Add faceted search ability through postHooks
  • Add facetLimit to limit # of non-active facet results that return on main results page

New in 1.2.0

  • Fixed bug with pagination
  • Fixed bug with searchScore sorting
  • Fixed bug with progressive highlighting class names
  • Added 'alias' to default docFields
  • Added fieldPotency property to allow certain fields higher search scores for the same match
  • Added result sorting (by searchScores)
  • Added the urlScheme parameter which allows you to control the URL scheme used for the pagination links.
  • Made the result extracts to never break words. This means that the extract limit is a soft limit now, and results look much nicer.
  • Added the query placeholder to the containerTpl chunk.
  • Fixed the default value of the landing parameter for the SimpleSearchForm snippet.
  • Fixed an URL decoding bug.
  • Removed defaults from the provided chunk templates, as they duplicate code from the snippets.
  • Made minor performance improvements.


Current Releases

March 15, 2019
2.0 – Current
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