SooqrX (Sooqr search plugin) 1.1-pl1

SooqrX (Sooqr search plugin) 1.1-pl1

Released Dec 05, 2017 by dimmy

What is Sooqr content search? Sooqr is a very fast and smart search for websites. If any spelling errors should occur, Sooqr's automatic spelling corrector will ensure that the search takes place using the right term. And as a website owner you decide what’s on top with our Ranking Rules, a really powerfull tool for getting the right information delivered. If your website has results with latitude and longitude information, you can also search with a geo distance range. So you can use Sooqr Content Search to engage visitors to your website. We promise you blazing fast and relevant results. Example - MODx website with Sooqr Search

Download 6kb (216 downloads)
Downloads: 459
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Supports mysql

Installation Instructions

This package insist of a snippet that creates a feed for Sooqr and a plugin that inserts the needed javascript code.

The plugin has a config that you need to change so it reflects your Sooqr user id etc. Also the id of the textfield that is used for searching is set there.

The feed generator reads all resources in the MODX installation in and makes a
data feed which meet the specifications from Sooqr. The implementation script
implements the Sooqr scripts very quickly.

First you have to create an Sooqr account, you get instant free access to all
Sooqr features for 30 days. After doing that, you can install this plugin. The
plugin makes it very easy to install the Sooqr script in your MODX platform and
it will also generate the resource datafeed which Sooqr needs to receive.   

Changed the xml creation in the snippet, so its more compatible with the xml that is needed bij Sooqr.

Version Released Author Downloads
2 Versions 1 Contributors 459 Downloads
1-beta1 Feb, 03 2017 dimmy 243