SyntaxChecker 0.3.0-beta

SyntaxChecker 0.3.0-beta

Released Jan 06, 2012 by everettg_99

This plugin performs validation checks on your Resources, Templates, Chunks, and Template Variables as they are saved and alerts you to any errors via a pop-up modal window.  

How many times have you spent hours debugging a snippet only to discover that you had forgotten a back-tick?  This plugin ensures that your pages parse the way they're supposed to.

Put an end to syntax madness!!!

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 92kb (260 downloads)
Downloads: 3,413
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.1.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

This is a still BETA release! If this plugin errantly prevents you from saving your content, then please accept my apologies! Disable the plugin and report a bug with the tag that caused it to choke!  Thanks!  I'm using it on my own projects, but if you download this beta version, please consider yourself a tester who is willing to help improve this plugin and the MODX experience.

NOTE: this version doesn't do any checks on TVs.

Installation Instructions

This is a simple installation: after downloading the package, install it.  This should create and activate the SyntaxChecker plugin.  The plugin is fired on the following events:

  • OnBeforeDocFormSave
  • OnBeforeChunkFormSave
  • OnBeforeTVFormSave
  • OnBeforeTempFormSave

You can customize the plugin behavior by removing any of those events (edit the plugin, then uncheck the events under the System Events tab).

Once you've installed the plugin, every time you save a Page, Template, or Chunk, the tag syntax will be checked and you will be alerted to any errors.  (See the screenshots).  Error messages will also be sent to the MODX error log (Reports --> Error Log).

Fixed issues #1 and #2 relating to "void" tags, e.g. [[~]] and empty parameters, e.g. ¶m=``

Version Released Author Downloads
5 Versions 1 Contributors 3,423 Downloads
0.5.0-beta Jun, 18 2013 everettg_99 1,790
0.4.0-beta Jan, 20 2012 everettg_99 831
0.2.0-beta Dec, 30 2011 everettg_99 281
0.1-beta Dec, 20 2011 everettg_99 261