tagElementPlugin 1.2.4-pl1

tagElementPlugin 1.2.4-pl1

Released Feb 04, 2018 by sergant210

tagElementPlugin allows to edit chunks and snippets selecting their tags in the content field of resource, chunk, template, snippet or plugin forms. Also you can dynamically create elements. Also you can get the value of some tags that start with "~", "%", "++" and "#".

Download 45kb (3335 downloads)
Downloads: 8,828
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

Open any resource, chunk or template where you use the chunk/snippet tags (for example [[$myChunk]] and [[mySnippet]]). Select it and press Ctrl+Enter. If the element exists the quick edit dialog will be opened. If not you can create it right here. 

To go to the element's page press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.

Press Ctrl+Alt+C to open the quick update dialog for chunk with the selected name.

tagElementPlugin can get the value of next tags:

  • [[~1]]
  • [[%lexicon_entry]]
  • [[++system_setting]]
  • [[#1.pagetitle]], [[#SERVER.key]], [[#REQUEST.key]], [[#COOKIE.key]], [[#SESSION.key]] and more.

The last ones will be parsed if the pdoParser is used.


To form a snippet or a chunk tag with parameters write the snippet name,
select it and press Ctrl+Insert. The "Select element options" dialog
with default properties will be opened. Change the required properties
and press Save. You'll get the prepared tag like when you drag'n'drop elements.

System settings to customize the shortcuts.

  • tagelementplugin_quick_editor_keys - a shortcut to open the quick editing window for selected elements.
  • tagelementplugin_element_editor_keys - a shortcut to redirect to the element page.
  • tagelementplugin_element_prop_keys - a shortcut to open the "Select element options" dialog for the selected snippet or chunk.
  • tagelementplugin_quick_chunk_editor_keys - a shortcut to open the quick update chunk dialog with selected name.
  • tagelementplugin_chunk_editor_keys - a shortcut to redirect to the chunk update form.

You can specify a digital key code or use the ExtJs constants.

Important! TagElementPlugin does not support rich text editors.

You can read more detail information on Github

Installation Instructions

Install via Package manager.



- Fixed bug with browser warning about unsaved data.



- Fixed the name of the id attribute of the textarea field.



- Fixed bug with the element name field when opened more then one quick dialog.



- Fixed bug with "save as" command.



- tagElementPlugin is also available in the snippet and plugin forms.

- Added keyboard shortcuts to work with chunks. By default, Ctrl+Alt+C and Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C.

- Added "Save as" button to the quick update dialogs.



- The "Select element options" dialog (shown by pressing Ctrl+Insert) takes into account specified parameters.



- Bind Ctrl+S and Ctrl+Shift+S to the buttons "Save" and "Save and close" of the quick edit dialogs.



- Allow to create the system settings.



- Added system settings allow users to customize the keyboard shortcuts.



- Added ability to form a snippet tag with parameters like the drag'n'drop operation. Select a snippet tag and press Ctrl+Insert.



- Fixed bug of setting element name to field "Name" of the quick create element dialog.

- Added check the changes to prevent loss of them when the user wants to leave the page. It's switched off by the system setting "Confirm_navigation".



- Added recursive call.



- Added ability to get the value of next tags: [[~5]], [[%lexicon_entry]], [[++system_setting]] and [[#10.pagetitle]]. The last one will be parsed if pdoParser is used (see http://docs.modx.pro/en/components/pdotools/parser#fastField-tag for more information).

- Now you can select entire [[!mySnippet@propertySet? ¶m=`1`]]. tagElementPlugin can get correct tag name from this selection.



- Fixed error with path in the plugin.



- Added php and fenom syntax highlighting.



- Initial release.

Version Released Author Downloads
9 Versions 1 Contributors 8,833 Downloads
1.2.4-pl Feb, 04 2018 sergant210 38
1.2.3-pl Nov, 10 2017 sergant210 993
1.2.2-pl Oct, 11 2016 sergant210 2,883
1.2.1-pl Oct, 07 2016 sergant210 133
1.2.0-pl Sep, 30 2016 sergant210 193
1.1.4-pl Sep, 09 2016 sergant210 277
1.1.3-pl1 Feb, 05 2016 sergant210 636
1.1.3-pl Oct, 09 2015 sergant210 345