TinymceWrapper 2.3.4-pl

TinymceWrapper 2.3.4-pl

Released Jul 21, 2018 by donshakespeare

TinymceWrapper suite provides you with a complete frontend/backend experience. The best and latest TinyMCE RTE via CDN (or local), a powerful and invisibly perfect frontend editor, TinyMagicPublisher, oh, and Three File Browsers to choose from. And state-of-the-art implementation of Ace Editor and CodeMirror.

Now 2.3.1 (aka MIRANDA the beautiful) has full support for Markdown editing and parsing. (Markdown / MarkdownExtra / Parsedown / ParsedownExtra)

Stay always on the edge of technology. Use the most powerful and friendly Rich Text Editor with exceptional and unprecedented freedom and openness, bagged with beautiful custom skins and handcrafted powerful plugins.

Discuss and get instant help:

  • MODX Forum,
  • MODX Slack, -> #general
  • TinyMCE Forum

    All textareas: Content, Introtext, Description, Rich Text TVs / File/Image TVs, Quick Update/Create Resource, NewsPublisher, MIGX, Lingua. Any one of these textareas can be turned off permanently or temporarily. It has exposed TinymceWrapper chunks which you can start using...you can use any and all TinyMCE configuration you like - nothing is hidden, constant happiness.

    POWERFUL ADDONs (latest addition)

  • TinyMagicPublisher (two modes): TinyMCE + NewsPublisher = frontend domination! 1st mode is your traditional method, i.e, what you might have been using...but now 10x easier with doubled functionality. 2nd mode brings ultra modern editing to your front door, heard of contenteditable, that's right, it's here, and highly potent!

  • MODX native File browser
  • Powerful elFinder (BSD license)
  • Sleek Responsive FileManager (CCA-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License)
    • Go to the Plugin's property, choose which browser you want.
    • Go to the browser's snippet properties, customize the world of it.
    • Back things up by adding suffix to chunks, and creating custom PropertySets

    elFinder and Responsive FileManager come with auto-creation of personal folders.

    These popular custom browsers work frontend and backend - no need for MODx Manager credentials. They are both standalone and connected to TinyMCE.


    • Allow users to choose what to install
    • Add TinyBlocks to the suite
    • Be more awesome

    Download 2845kb (1126 downloads)
    Downloads: 10,495
    License: GPLv2
    Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
    Supports mysql,sqlsrv

    TinymceWrapper(one word! lowercase "mce") Suite:

    Includes the best editor and editing experience in both the free and premium worlds.

    It's free, grab it!

    Installation Instructions

    Install it... done!

    Open the TinymceWrapper Sample Resource - see awesome! View it in the frontend

    For further details, go to the script properties of TinymceWrapper plugin ...Open the TinymceWrapper sample resource or chunks for TinyMCE init code. Have fun with freedom!


    TinymceWrapper 2.3.4-pl


    [Security Measures]

    Dropped Responsive FileManager from TW core.

    Please install safest standalone:https://modx.com/extras/package/responsivefilemanager

    Make sure your own pset reflects:

  • responsivefilemanagerBrowserRTEurl => MODx.config.assets_url+"components/responsivefilemanager/rfm/filemanager/dialog.php?xtype=1"
  • responsivefilemanagerBrowserTopNAVurl => MODx.config.assets_url+\'components/responsivefilemanager/rfm/filemanager/dialog.php?xtype=0\'
  • Done!

    Version Released Author Downloads
    13 Versions 1 Contributors 10,519 Downloads
    2.3.3-pl Jul, 21 2018 donshakespeare 41
    2.3.2-pl Aug, 01 2016 donshakespeare 3,660
    2.3.1-pl May, 03 2016 donshakespeare 1,036
    2.3.0-pl Feb, 28 2016 donshakespeare 673
    2.2.2-beta2 Feb, 13 2016 donshakespeare 333
    2.2.1-beta2 Jan, 13 2016 donshakespeare 650
    2.2.0-beta2 Jan, 12 2016 donshakespeare 217
    2.1.1-beta1 Sep, 01 2015 donshakespeare 1,670
    2.1.0-beta1 Jul, 25 2015 donshakespeare 313
    2.0.1-beta1 Jul, 16 2015 donshakespeare 291
    2.0.0-beta1 Jul, 14 2015 donshakespeare 235
    1.0.0-beta1 Jul, 02 2015 donshakespeare 274