ToggleTVSet 1.2.4-pl

ToggleTVSet 1.2.4-pl

Released May 14, 2018 by jako

Toggle the visibility of template variables sets by the value of a template variable.

Download 29kb (24 downloads)
Downloads: 1,281
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

With this extra you could hide and show template variable sets on resource base by the value of another template variable. The visibility of the sets could be toggled on the fly.

For full details and an example configuration see the documentation.

This project is hosted on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

Install through the MODX package manager.

  • Refactored/Standardized code

Version Released Author Downloads
6 Versions 1 Contributors 1,284 Downloads
1.2.3-pl Apr, 07 2016 jako 550
1.2.2-pl Feb, 10 2016 jako 172
1.2.1-pl Feb, 01 2016 jako 126
1.2.0-pl Nov, 24 2015 jako 186
1.1.0-pl Sep, 06 2015 jako 226