By Joe Molloy (freelancewebdev)

This addon is a front-end translation tool, enabling developers and site administrators to give users (annonymous or registered) access to a simple AJAX form-based interface for making contributions to 3rd party package lexicons. Packages, topics and languages can be restricted by the site administrator/developer and the site administrator may also replace the current live topic file with one updated using this addon.  The addon creates a timestamped backup of any topic files replaced in this way.

TransleX has been developed for Mr Mark Hamstra (http://www.markhamstra.com) who conceived the idea and has been released as open source (GPL v2+) to benefit others with similar needs.

Joe Molloy

New in TransleX 1.0.0-pl7




Version 1.0 rc1


April 21st, 2012: Initial verion 1.0 rc1 release.

Version 1.0 pl


April 22nd, 2012: Post Mark Hamstra release.

1. Fixed issue with placeholders not showing

2. Fixed issue where HTML tags were not displayed

3. Added autosizing to text fields

4. Changed Edit label to Contribute in English lexicon topic file

5. Minified CSS

6. Cached JS chunk

7. Modified behaviour of addon when a topic file is first created in the workspace

directory so that it is populated by the live topic file entries if that file exists.

8. Fixed an issue with the language select element in Chrome where clearing the selection was adding a blank option

9. Preserved linebreaks in the topic file values

10. Added proper string escaping on save and commit.

11. Added anchor link at bottom of table when it has more than 5 rows to enable a quick return 

to the top of the interface

Version 1.0 pl1


April 22nd, 2012: Post foreign lexicon addition fixes

1. Added all languages supported by MODX Manager to Languages select

2. Added topic files for de, pt and zh

3. Updated country code for Simplified Chinese to zh

4. Replaced htmlentites function with a UTF8-safe version

5. Changed the 'Edit' label and lexicon key to 'Contribute'

Version 1.0 pl2


1. Various fixes to naming consistencies in lexicon topic file

2. Addition of adminNotify parameter for snippet call 

3. Addition of log paramaeter for snippet call

4. Addition of cultureKey parameter for snippet call

Version 1.0 pl3


June 13th, 2012:  New default lexicon item fixes

1. update of javascript chunk to deal with keys added to default lexicon

2. Update of snippet to properly interrogate existing lexiocn files for pupulating the edit table.

Version 1.0 pl4


November 12th, 2012; Fixed typo preventing the limiting of the available package list to those specified.

Version 1.0 pl5


November 13th, 2012; 

1. Fixed issue where E_NOTICE errors were breaking JSON output

2. Updated readme to stress that no other markup should be present in the resource holding the snippet

Version 1.0 pl6

January 30th, 2013

1. Fixed issue with parsing of language parameters

Version 1.0 pl7

December 13th, 2013

1. Fixed issue with rendering of placeholders in the textareas of the translation form - the leading '[' was being displayed as a html entity.



November 15, 2012
Supported Versions
2 – 2.2

Previous Versions

November 15, 2012
2.0 – 2.2
November 12, 2012
2.0 – 2.2
April 23, 2012
2.0 – 2.2

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