translit 1.0.0-beta

translit 1.0.0-beta

Released Oct 20, 2010 by opengeek

A MODx Revolution Core Extension, the translit package provides a custom transliteration service class. When installed,

this is automatically available for the core Friendly URL alias transliteration process for Resources. You can also use

the service in your plugins and snippets.

Download 21kb (158751 downloads)
Downloads: 158,549
License: GPLv2
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Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

A service class that allows custom transliteration tables to be used when auto-creating or sanitizing friendly URL aliases in MODx Revolution. This initial beta release includes three tables that can be specified as the friendly_alias_translit System Setting:

  1. noaccents

  2. russian

  3. german

Custom named transliteration tables can be manually added to the {core_path}components/translit/model/modx/translit/tables/ directory and configured. Additional contributed transliteration tables will be included in future releases of the package.

Installation Instructions

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