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TwitterX v1.3.7

This package loads Twitter feeds and searches using the new (and very annoying) Twitter 1.1 API. You will need to create a Twitter app here:

Once you've created your new application you will need to generate tokens and use those tokens when you call the TwitterX snippet which will load your statuses:

Snippet TwitterX

This should be called uncached if you are using :ago in the chunk otherwise it can be cached.

[[!TwitterX?     &twitter_consumer_key=`aaaa`    &twitter_consumer_secret=`bbbb`     &twitter_access_token=`cccc`     &twitter_access_token_secret=`dddd`    &limit=`4`    &timeline=`user_timeline`    &chunk=`TwitterXTpl`    &cache=`7200`      &screen_name=`Qodo` &include_rts=`1` ]]

  • twitter_consumer_key - your twitter consumer token (REQUIRED)
  • twitter_consumer_secret - your twitter consumer secret (REQUIRED)
  • twitter_access_token - your twitter access token (REQUIRED)
  • twitter_access_token_secret - your twitter access token secret (REQUIRED)
  • limit - limit how many statuses to display (default: 5)
  • timeline - which twitter timeline to load (default: user_timeline)
  • chunk - which chunk to load when rendering the statuses (default: TwitterXTpl)
  • cache - how many seconds to cache the twitter data feed (default: 7200)
  • screen_name - which user(s) you want to load (comma separated)
  • include_rts - should this include retweets (default: 1)
  • ** NEW ** exclude_replies - should this exclude replies (default: 0)
  • cache_id - unique ID for caching in case you want to view multiple feeds or different feeds  (default: TwitterX_PAGEID)
  • toPlaceholder - a placeholder ID if you want to use content as a placeholder instead of outputting directly (default: '')
  • toPlaceholderPrefix - if you want to prefix the placeholder values. E.g. 'twitterx' would create placeholders like [[*twitterx.text]] (default: '')
  • search - search Twitter using a search value. When using this parameter, screen_name and timeline are ignored. (example: &search=`MODX`)
  • slug - for when loading a twitter list, you must specify a screen_name and a slug (default: '')

Loading timelines

As the 1.1 API is more restrictive the tweets available have changed. The snippet defaults to user_time line but you can load any of these:

  • public_timeline
  • public_timeline
  • friends_timeline
  • user_timeline
  • mentions
  • retweets_of_me
  • favourites

Loading lists ** New as of 1.3 **

You can now load lists by using the following:   

&timeline=`lists/statuses`    &slug=`NAME_OF_YOUR_SLUG`&screen_name=`SCREEN_NAME_OF_LIST_OWNER`

An example of this would be the MODX List:   

&timeline=`lists/statuses`    &slug=`the-modx-team`    &screen_name=`modx`

Searching Twitter

TwitterX now supports basic Twitter searches using the &search parameter:&search=`MODX`

Snippet TwitterXFormat

Use this snippet in your chunk placeholders to format the status text and automatically link any search, usernames or topics:[[+text:TwitterXFormat]]

Chunk options

The package comes with a chunk for displaying the statuses called 'TwitterXTpl'. You can customise this by using the following placeholders:

  • created_at - date status was created
  • source - source of the Tweet (application like web, iOS etc)
  • id - status id on Twitter
  • text - status main text
  • name - Twitter name
  • screen_name - Twitter username
  • profile_image_url - Twitter avatar image url for this user (uses https as of version 1.3.3)
  • location - This users location
  • url - This users URL (if specified)
  • description - This users profile information

Retweets (where applicable)

  • retweet_created_at - date status was created
  • retweet_source - source of the Tweet (application like web, iOS etc)
  • retweet_id - status id on timeline
  • retweet_id_str - status id on Twitter (
  • retweet_text - status main text
  • retweet_name - Twitter name
  • retweet_screen_name - Twitter username
  • retweet_profile_image_url - Twitter avatar image url for this user (uses https as of version 1.3.3)
  • retweet_location - This users location
  • retweet_url - This users URL (if specified)
  • retweet_description - This users profile information

Further info

For information and support, check out my blog:


New in TwitterX 1.3.7

Changelog for TwitterX package.

TwitterX 1.3.7 - 04/08/2015

  • Bug fix for retweet links not using screenname (thanks @pmacswebteam)

TwitterX 1.3.6 - 27/08/2014

  • Bug fix for retweet URLs being truncated.

TwitterX 1.3.5 - 05/07/2014

  • Small bug fix and updates for MODX 2.3

TwitterX 1.3.4 - 12/01/2014

  • Fixed bug when specifiying a limit of tweets along with includerts
  • New option to exclude replies using excludereplies option

TwitterX 1.3.3 - 31/10/2013

  • Updated to latest version of twitteroauth
  • Added changes from Dameon87 to change twitter profile images to https, sanitise content and improve TwitterXFormat - thanks!
  • Uploaded correct changelog, licence and readme (previous version was for a different extra)

TwitterX 1.3.2 - 04/09/2013

  • Added isset() to some elements to stop warnings/errors

TwitterX 1.3.1 - 23/08/2013

  • Fixed option for favourites (thanks @sepiariver)
  • Added option to prefix TwitterX placeholders

TwitterX 1.3 - 24/07/2013

  • Added option to view user lists

TwitterX 1.2 02/07/2013

  • Fixed twitter search problem - thanks @OostDesign

TwitterX 1.1 12/06/2013

  • Fixed problem where it was ACTUALLY using Twitter 1.0 API instead of 1.1!
  • Changed cachedid to not automatically append PAGEID
  • Removed $limit+1 - it was always showing 1 more than specified

TwitterX 1.0 23/04/2013

  • Added multiple screenname option separated by comma, thanks @hvoort
  • Added option to do basic Twitter searches
  • Bug fixes

TwitterX 0.8 - 21/01/2013

  • Added option includerts to choose whether to include retweets.
  • Added options cacheid and toPlaceholder thanks to @sepiariver to allow for placeholder output and unique caching.
  • Fix for viewing Twitter favourites instead of regular statuses (thanks @sepiariver).
  • Added a few more comments.

TwitterX 0.7 - 01/12/2012

  • Fixed spelling mistake in error message
  • Added test for CURL as it's needed by twitter auth
  • Corrected parameter 'twitterconsumertokensecret' which should have been 'twitteraccesstokensecret' with support for the old

TwitterX 0.6 - 01/12/2012

  • Added option to view other users statuses using &screenname=Qodo

TwitterX 0.5 - 29/11/2012

  • Changed the way we limit the number of tweets - using twitter 'count' parameter instead of a limited loop.

TwitterX 0.4 - 15/11/2012

  • Bug fix for reporting errors (thanks Jeremy)

TwitterX 0.3

  • Added in caching of twitter data to protect against over using twitter limit
  • Added idstr available to chunk (thanks Laurent Mignot)
  • Updated to check for the twitteroauth class first
  • Corrected error in documentation (feed parameter should have been timeline)

TwitterX 0.2

  • First version



October 31, 2013
Supported Versions
2.1 – Current

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