Upgrade MODX from within the MODX Manager

Creator: Bob Ray (bobray)

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About UpgradeMODX

Important: Always back up your site before upgrading.

UpgradeMODX installs a dashboard widget that alerts you when there is an upgrade to MODX available -- and installs it for you!.

When there is an upgrade available, UpgradeMODX will show an "Upgrade MODX" button. Clicking on the button will show a form where you can select the version of MODX to install. Once you've selected a version, you can click on the "Install" button to launch Setup.

When Setup is finished, you'll be back in the Manager using a new version.

UpgradeMODX should work on any installation of MODX except the SDK version. That includes versions with renamed and/or moved directories.

The minimum version listed below is a guess.


December 27, 2017
Supported Versions
2.0 – Current
Supported Database
MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

New in UpgradeMODX 1.5.5

UpgradeMODX 1.5.5-pl

  • Fix issue with MODX logo (thanks to DigitalPenguin)
  • Make background image local

UpgradeMODX 1.5.4-pl

  • Fix openbasedir redirect issue (thanks to Jako)
  • Add Italian translation (thanks to FerX)
  • Update Swedish translation (thanks to Kristoffer Karlström)
  • Fix lexicon->load issue (thanks to sebastian-marinescu)
  • Hide inactive MODX version 2.5.3
  • Change name of temp directory to ugmtemp
  • Delete any created files if there is an error
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

UpgradeMODX 1.5.3

  • Fix bug with striptags and failure to get version list from GitHub
  • Add error message on failure to get version list from GitHub
  • Code cleanup

UpgradeMODX 1.5.2-pl
  • Correct issue with malformed URL (thanks to Jako)
  • Mods for MODX cloud and similar platforms
UpgradeMODX 1.5.1-pl
  • Correct snippet tag in resource
  • Add Swedish translation (thanks to kristk)
  • Fix issue with openbasedir check (thanks to Jako)
  • Fix protocol for loading fonts and logo (thanks to inreti)
  • Add support for local certs for SSLVERIFYPEER
  • Fix bug with quit function
  • Add githubusername and githubtoken properties
  • Improve diagnostics
UpgradeMODX 1.4.0-pl
  • Log Upgrades to Manager Actions log
  • Add snippet property to control cURL SSLVERIFYPEER option
UpgradeMODX 1.4.0-pl
  • Add forceFopen, githubTimeout, modxTimeout properties
  • Add attempts, and versionListPath properties
  • Improve error handling and diagnostics
  • Unit tests for all methods
  • Refactor for better dependency injection and reliability
  • Fix bug with missing version list
UpgradeMODX 1.3.0-pl
  • Fix bug with blank screen when both cURL and allowurlfopen are disabled
  • Fix bug in test for cURL
  • Refactor unZip code
  • Add forcePclZip property
  • Improve error handling

UpgradeMODX 1.2.2-pl

  • Public Launch

UpgradeMODX 1.2.1.rc

  • Fix issue with version list
  • wrap class in if (classexists)

UpgradeMODX 1.2.0-rc

  • Use PclZip if ZipArchive is not available
  • Improve reliability of ZipArchive extraction
  • Fix bug with sorting when plOnly is false
  • Fix bug with missing setup directory
  • Add settime_limit(0) in loop
  • Fix spurious error in resolver
  • Form and doc updates

UpgradeMODX 1.0.2-beta1

  • Fixed bug with earlier versions of PHP

UpgradeMODX 1.0.0-beta1

  • Initial Version


Current Releases

March 22, 2021
2.0 – Current
March 20, 2021
2.0 – Current
March 12, 2021
2.0 – Current
December 16, 2018
2.0 – Current
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