Wayfinder 2.3.3-pl

Wayfinder 2.3.3-pl

Released Oct 31, 2011 by splittingred

Totally refactored from original DropMenu nav builder to make it easier to create custom navigation by using chunks as output templates. By using templates, many of the paramaters are no longer needed for flexible output including tables, unordered- or ordered-lists (ULs or OLs), definition lists (DLs) or in any other format you desire. To view some example menus created with Wayfinder go here: http://muddydogpaws.com/development/wayfinder/examples/

Download 93kb (211791 downloads)
Downloads: 299,525
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

Wayfinder is a highly flexible navigation builder for MODx Revolution.

See the official docs here: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/ADDON/Wayfinder

Installation Instructions

Install via Package Management.

New in 2.3.3

  • [#40] Add wf.level placeholder to items for showing current depth
  • [#42] Allow authenticated mgr users with view_unpublished to use new previewUnpublished property to preview unpublished Resources in menus
  • [#41] Fix issue with Wayfinder and truncated result sets due to getIterator call

New in 2.3.2

  • [#36] Fix issue with multiple Wayfinder calls using &config
  • [#35] Fix issues with TV bindings rendering
  • Add "protected" placeholder that is 1 if Resource is protected by a Resource Group
  • Updated documentation, snippet properties descriptions

New in 2.3.1

  • [#31] Add &scheme property for specifying link schemes
  • [#27] Improve caching in Wayfinder to store cache files in resource cache so cache is synced with modx core caching

New in 2.3.0

  • [#14] Fix issue with hideSubMenus when using it with a non-zero startId
  • Add all fields of a Resource to the rowTpl placeholder set, such as menutitle, published, etc
  • Properly optimize TV value grabbing to properly parse and cache TVs to improve load times when using TVs in a result set
  • Ensure that caching also caches by user ID to persist access permissions through cached result sets

New in 2.2.0

  • [#23] Fix issue that generated error message in error.log due to &contexts always being processed regardless of empty state
  • [#21] Fix issue with unnecessary groupby that was breaking sorting in older mysql versions
  • [#22] Add &cacheResults parameter, which caches queries for faster loading
  • [#8] Add &contexts parameter, and &startIdContext parameter if navigating across multiple contexts and using a non-0 &startId
Version Released Author Downloads
16 Versions 2 Contributors 274,775 Downloads
2.3.2-pl Sep, 20 2011 splittingred 6,113
2.3.1-pl May, 18 2011 splittingred 15,206
2.3.0-pl Mar, 14 2011 splittingred 8,341
2.3.0-rc2 Mar, 10 2011 splittingred 1,459
2.3.0-rc1 Mar, 09 2011 splittingred 849
2.2.0-pl Mar, 07 2011 splittingred 1,158
2.2.0-rc1 Mar, 04 2011 splittingred 919
2.1.3-rc2 Jan, 18 2011 splittingred 3,607
2.1.3-rc1 Oct, 28 2010 splittingred 7,636
2.1.2-pl Oct, 25 2010 splittingred 1,050
2.1.1-pl Oct, 21 2010 splittingred 976
2.1.1-rc1 Mar, 19 2010 splittingred 11,571
2.1.1-beta4 Nov, 05 2009 splittingred 2,172
2.1.1-beta2 Oct, 20 2009 splittingred 797
2.1.1-beta1 May, 21 2009 splittingred 1,824