xBug 0.8.4-pl

xBug 0.8.4-pl

Released Jun 25, 2014 by dunnock

xBug is an utility extra that can be used to profile page loads, xPDOQuery objects, and SQL Queries.

Profiling pages show's how long each tag takes to parse and what queries are and their execution times.

Usage instructions for 0.7* version can be found in my blog post

Download 74kb (787 downloads)
Downloads: 918
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.3.x
Supports mysql

0.8.1 to 0.8.3 bring minor bug fixes like remove extension package value on uninstall. Also now it comes with total parsing, query and cache times directly below form for quick information.

0.8.0 Brings new features to xBug page profiler with added support for POST and COOKIE variables and possibility switch context with change of domain.

Another new feature is cache logging to see how long it takes to time to fetch from cache and if request hit's cache.

Installation Instructions

Install package through Package Manager or download manually from Indeksed Downloads.

Issues and features wishes can be addressed through xBug github repository

UNINSTALL NOTICE! Pre 0.8.2 packages do not uninstall completely. You need to remove extension package value in system settings for xBug manually. To do this, go to system settings, search for 'extension' and remove the JSON object for xBug completely from the value.

Changelog for xBug.

xBug 0.8.4-pl


- On uninstall, remove extension package

xBug 0.8.0


- Added support for POST and COOKIE

-- Changed page load from iFrame to CURL with PHP

- Ability to switch context through domain name

- Loading mask when loading page

xBug >0.7.3


- Minor and Major bug fixes

xBug 0.7.2


- Minor fix to plugin

xBug 0.7.1


- Minor fix to javascript url request path

xBug 0.7.0


- Added helper text from EXPLAIN PLAN select_type, type, AND Extra columns

- Added row pop up for easier view for results

- SQL code view always visible

- Drag and Drop to URL field enabled from resource tree

xBug 0.6.0


- Initial release.