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By Christian Seel (christianseel)

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XRouting 1.4.x removes the php constant MODX_BASE_URL in the plugin and adds a handy debug mode where you get a lot of information about how the routing works or why it doesn't work.

Christian Seel

New in XRouting 1.4.1

XRouting 1.4.1-pl (2015-05-20)===========================================

- added missing lexicons for allowdebuginfo setting- added german lexicons

XRouting 1.4.0-pl (2015-05-20)===========================================

- replaced php constant for MODXBASEURL- added new optional debug output (switch the allowdebuginfo system setting to "Yes" and add &xrouting-debug=1 to your URL)

XRouting 1.3.0-pl (2014-09-18)===========================================

- added support for MODX installs in a subfolder- fix "Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()"

XRouting 1.2.0-pl (2014-03-17)===========================================

- this releases fixes some problems with rewriting the request url

XRouting 1.1.0-pl (2014-02-24)===========================================

- small refactoring for quicker host-based matching- bugfix for contexts with same host where one baseurl is '/'- added setting to include www subdomain: xrouting.includewww- added setting to eigher show an error or a default context when no match has been found: xrouting.shownomatcherror- added setting for a default context (if no match was found and xrouting.shownomatcherror is false): xrouting.default_context

XRouting 1.0.0-pl (2014-02-01)===========================================- first public release



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