Zapier 0.7.0-beta1

Zapier 0.7.0-beta1

Released Nov 20, 2015 by sepiariver

Integrate MODX with hundreds of apps and services.

Use cases include, just for example:

  • Send form submissions from your website to any of the CRMs supported in Zapier.
  • Notify your team via Slack or any other communication tool supported in Zapier, when a lead-gen form on your site is submitted.
  • Notify your team when a new blog post is created.
  • Post to social media when a new MODX Resource is published.
  • When a user fills out a review on your site, if the rating is under a certain amount, send it to your support team in Zendesk, but if the rating is high send it to the marketing team.
  • Literally countless other uses...

For more information, browse the [wiki on Github](

Download 71kb (780 downloads)
Downloads: 780
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

Initial beta release.

For issues and milestones, visit the Github repo:

Installation Instructions

## Installation

Install Zapier via the Extras Installer in your MODX Manager. You can also download it directly from the [Extras repo]( or the [Github repo](

For usage instructions check out the Wiki: