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MODX Revolution—The Flexible and Feature Complete Web Content Management System

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Seconds is all it takes to try MODX right now. There’s no need for manual installs, credit cards, or server geeks required. In fact, you can launch a MODX Cloud site in minutes with just a few clicks.

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For People Who Care About Design

MODX was borne of the idea that a CMS should never get in the way of your design. It is for people who care deeply about what goes in and, more so, what comes out. A blank canvas on which to freely exact your vision.

Total Creative Freedom

Dream It. MODX Can Power It

No platforms compare to MODX for creating robust sites, exactly how you want them to look, with zero creative restrictions. Your site building tool should fit your creative vision, not impose restrictions and force compromises.

Custom Everything

You Are In Complete Control

Whether you want a completely blank slate to start a new project, or to begin with a custom set of Add-ons and a mobile responsive frameworks to start, you are in total control over what you include, and how you build websites.

Natively Mobile

Mobile Responsive Since 2005

With our first release in 2005, you could build HTML5/CSS3 websites, years before the others caught a clue. MODX’s template method doesn’t force arcane theme layers or restrict you from changing how you theme whenever you wish.

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I’m so glad I found MODX. Working with WordPress I kept losing my hair while fulfilling clients’ demands. MODX is just impressive. —Bilal Ansari, Views Craze, Karachi

Make it Your Own

MODX is engineered to be customized and extended. Site builders can choose from hundreds of Add-ons or create their own. MODX Add-ons support best in class third-parties tools like Active Directory, MailChimp, Amazon S3 and more.

Customizable Manager

Tailored Site Management

The Manager is the intuitive content and administration workspace built with our API. Developers gain the ability to build custom interfaces and Add-ons. Form Customization gives you a custom Manager UI that only shows the fields and menus required.

Built In Installer

100s of Available Add-ons

The MODX installer allows site administrators to install, upgrade and migrate Content, Templates, Add-ons or even complete websites without worrying about missing steps or dependencies. All from inside the MODX Manager.

Extend, Don’t Hack

Maintain Upgradability

MODX allows you to create custom implementations of many core features—without resorting to hacks. This protects your development investment and ensures you maintain an upgrade path and total control over your site’s functionality.

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Nothing quite as awesome as showing the client their new MODX manager and them loving how customized it is just to their specific needs. —Kris Saratt,, San Diego

Multi-language, Multi-site

Your customers’ first experience with you is likely a digital one, and increasingly, that is no longer local. It makes good business sense to deliver those experiences in prospective customer’s native language. Similarly, you may have a series of sites … microsites, landing pages, a blog, your marketing site and an Ecommerce store. With MODX, you can manage them all from a single installation, no matter how much traffic you receive.


Fluent Speaking i18n & l10n

MODX brings multiple options for managing multi-language websites, one that’s sure to fit. Culture Keys and Contexts provide a system-wide Internationalization settings, and a hook for controlling anything that needs Localization.


All Your Sites in One Place

The world is moving from bricks and mortar to bits and bytes. This means if you don’t already run multiple online websites, it’s likely you will: landing pages, campaigns, blogs, customer service portals and your main website.


Scales and Balances

Websites shouldn’t fail under their own success. MODX is architected to scale, and supports scaling smartly with things like Varnish and Memcached, or the old fashioned way by loading up balanced servers and databases.

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Become a Happy Designer

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Happy Designers & Happy Marketers

Designers and front-end developers can get started with MODX without having to learn convoluted theme layers or wade through PHP. If you know HTML and CSS, you can design for MODX. Marketers find Revolution sites intuitive to manage, quick to adopt. It gives them the power they need for unparalleled SEO, A/B and multivariate testing and content life-cycle management without needing to call on Designers & Developers for help.

HTML = Template

The World’s Easiest Theming

Front-end Developers find it refreshing to be able to take any HTML website, and turn it into a MODX-powered project in just a few hours. You’re never restricted from changing to or using any markup framework or JS library, or anything else for that matter.


Designers & Devs Side-by-Side

MODX allows you to cleanly separate the look of the site with the underlying function. That means Designers and Developers can work side-by-side, at the same time, without getting in each others’ way. The result is building amazing experiences, faster than ever before.

SEO Supremacy

The Ultimate SEO Platform

SEO has changed a lot recently and it will continue to change. MODX gives you 100% control over output. It takes minutes to build a site that performs amazingly well in Search. Comprehensive SEO Add-ons help you manage your efforts and making changes is just a few clicks away.

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Nothing compares to the infinite flexibility that MODX (and my background in PHP programming) affords. —Ryan Thompson,, Vancouver, BC

Happy Developers

Developers get a Content Management Framework—virtually every function is engineered to be extended or overridden without hindering upgrades. MODX is the ultimate tool to integrate with service-based applications and APIs, letting you use it as a unified presentation layer across a variety of sources.

Native JSON

Feed and Consume At Will

MODX includes native JSON processing to interact with other systems, RESTfully. This means you can use MODX to power simple web services, or even feed native mobile applications the same data that powers your website.

Message Queue

The Power to Do What You Need

MODX’s simple, built-in Message Queue allows publishing messages and subscribing to a message bus for sophisticated interaction with external systems in Enterprise applications. It also allows for multi-server deployments to stay in sync.

Advanced Caching

In Any Flavor You Ever Need

Built in full- and partial-page caching help optimize server resources and loads. You can also cache database result sets to file, memory (via memcached), or a custom cache handler, extending your ability to serve high-traffic sites.

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Get Happy Developing with MODX

Try it Free in MODX Cloud Download MODX Revolution

A Sound Choice

MODX is a free, Open Source CMS. But, lets face it, choosing and implementing new CMS is no small investment. MODX is mature, stable, secure, scalable and adapts to your needs. Revolution is complemented with training, fully-managed implementations and SLA-backed commercial support.

Safe & Secure

Security is Serious Business

MODX Revolution is designed with security in mind. Every input is filtered, and every database query using the API occurs via prepared statements to eliminate SQL injection compromises. Continuous security audits ensure you get fast access to any security patches that may arise.

Boardroom Friendly

Smart companies Win with MODX

With over 2,000,000 downloads, MODX powers hundreds of thousands of websites globally. Its creators stand behind the software with SLA-backed Commercial Support. Website owners enjoy the benefits of a thriving Open Source product, with the assurance of a company backing MODX.

The MODX Ecosystem

Get help. Find cool things. Create.

MODX Professionals are vetted MODX developers and site builders who know their stuff—there’s probably one near you. ThemeForest carries a growing collection of high-quality themes that complement the ever-expanding list of MODX Add-ons. And of course, there’s support from the source.

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Excited to Start with MODX?

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Designed for Tomorrow

Since 2005, MODX has been mobile-, HTML5- and CSS3-ready. It’s ready for whatever the next decade brings, including powering native mobile apps. We’re even happy for you to mix your own code with our Open Source core software, and that remaining under whatever license you choose. If you can imagine it, MODX can likely power it.

Authentication Haven

Fine-grained and Flexible

Attribute Based Access Control lists (ABAC) gives site administrators granular control over every aspect of MODX Revolutions websites. Authentication can occur via the built in user system, Active Directory, LDAP, OpenID or virtually any other system that can use the MODX API.

OOP Core & API

No Core Hacking; Extend

MODX makes working with custom data sources, even from multiple database types, a breeze. Coupled with a fully Object-Oriented API with a consistent architecture, this makes geeks very happy.

Content Filtering

Front-end Content Control

Any MODX Element (TV, Content, Chunk, Placeholder) can have complex pre- and post-processing applied via Input and Output Filters. For instance you can use them to truncate passage of text, format dates, do math or anything you can imagine with a tiny bit of code.

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