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We keep MODX websites running at their peak with routine maintenance and repairs in the MODX Garage—starting at just $99 for a website diagnostic and quick fixes. When you’re ready for the ultimate in website performance, we can help your sites to crush the competition in our MODX Speed Shop and MODX Cloud.

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MODX Garage

We are the experts at fixing common problems with performance and deferred maintenance, ensuring your content reaches the broadest audience possible:

  • Troubleshoot problems on the front-end or in the Manager
  • Repair broken functionality
  • CMS and Plugins/Extras Upgrades
  • Hacked website repairs with a 6-month no-hack warranty against reinfection (MODX-only)
  • Mobile responsive retrofits
  • Content editor usability updates
Shaun Sinnott headshot

MODX is extremely responsive to our ongoing maintenance requests … I highly recommend the MODX team for any application.

Shaun Sinnott // Topgolf

MODX Speed Shop

There’s a 99% chance we can make your site noticeably faster—guaranteed—and work better. This can improve your search engine rank and visitor engagement:

  • Performance and Security profiling
  • Guaranteed Core Web Vitals speed improvements
  • CDN & WAF implementations
  • Image & Asset optimization
  • High-traffic scaling solutions
  • HA solutions for the ultimate uptime
  • Ongoing Enterprise Maintenance & Specialized Support
Mitch Wilson headshot

I came to MODX when my server was crashing from high traffic. They stabilized my site, then worked with me to implement a redesign optimized for speed and performance. They still support me today when I need help.

Mitch Wilson // PickDawgz

Need Design or Marketing Help?

Our talented, vetted MODX Professionals can help with any creative needs, marketing services, or major site rebuilds. Our MODX Pros are committed to building sites on the fastest, most secure, and most customizable website platform in existence: MODX. Ask us for a referral today!

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Whether you need a simple upgrade, help resolving a problem, or changes to how your site works, we’re here to make sure you get the help you need—starting at just $99 for a website diagnostic and quick website fixes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a basic site repair cost?

Many quick fixes in MODX Cloud, and even hack remediations for old sites that were never upgraded, can be made for just $99-149 because we have a very large set of automated tools, and access to fix sites takes mere seconds for our support team in MODX Cloud. For sites not hosted elsewhere, costs average 5-10x as much depending on the type of access and age of the hosting environment and can take anywhere from 2-5x longer. If migrating to MODX Cloud makes sense, we can usually do that for free. For WordPress sites, see below.

How does payment work?

For diagnostics, tune-up services, or migrations to MODX Cloud, you pay before we start working at a simple credit card form linked to your support ticket (which you can add your tax or VAT number for your local requirements).

What does your site speed guarantee mean?

It’s very simple: if you’re not happy with the site speedup, we give you your money back and part as friends. No pushback, awkwardness, or hassle.

I have a WordPress site, can you help?

Yes. For WordPress sites already hosted in Cloud, we can help prevent future attacks that happen, and install a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to prevent future infection and Content Delivery Network to speed up your WordPress site for an additional $20 per month (if you use WP that’s on the public Internet, you should absolutely have a WAF to go with your WP sites).

In addition, we can usually achieve a 50-100% page load performance improvement—even coming from hosts with “proprietary” WordPress performance plugins. We do this by migrating to MODX Cloud with its highly-tuned servers, using image optimization tools, and deploying a WAF and CDN.

For the ultimate security upgrade for WordPress, we can migrate many WP sites to MODX with huge performance gains, too.

I lost touch with my developer, can you help?

This can be tricky, but usually, yes. Having access to your current web server, often at a cPanel host, is required.

Is there anything I can do to help site repairs go faster?

Getting us access to your site as quickly as possible—preferably via an SSH connection—speeds up repairs. If that’s not an option, we can re-create what you have in MODX Cloud from a cPanel site backup.

For site speed engagements or server migrations, you will need to update your DNS as the last step, so go ahead and lower your TTL on the relevant records to as low as possible. MODX Cloud can also host your DNS; let us know if you need more help there.

My Developer wants me to move to WordPress, should I?

Many developers have simply standardized on WordPress because there’s a plugin for almost everything and it makes it easy to get fast wins with minimal experience. WordPress also has a giant ecosystem, powering about 40% of the Internet today. However, layering on multiple plugins tends to slow things down to the point your site speed hurts your search engine rank, and each new plugin expands the attack surface, possibly leading to more hacks.

WordPress is a great tool to quickly prototype for an early-stage business and figure out product/market fit. Once you’ve reached that and are ready to invest more in marketing and to scale revenues—or you’re tired of being hacked and plugins breaking—we can help you update MODX, move to it, or connect you with someone who can.

Can I call you for help?

Phone support is availble only for Enterprise plan customers. Our pricing is based on well-established processes using our Zendesk ticketing system. While we occasionally initiate calls for normal support operations as needed, everything is built around working on tickets as a team.

Get Help Now

Whether you need a simple upgrade, help resolving a problem, or changes to how your site works, we’re here to make sure you get the help you need—starting at just $99 for a website diagnostic and quick website fixes.

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