Additional capacity for your MODX Cloud account

Additional Vault Storage

If you are subscribed to the Pro Plan or higher, and your account uses more vault storage than your MODX Cloud plan limit, you can upgrade to handle more automatic offsite Backups and Snapshots.

Additional Vault StorageMonthly
25 GB$10
100 GB$25
250 GB$50
500 GB$75
1 TB$125

Managed CDN

Content Delivery Networks improve site performance and visitor experience by offloading the serving of assets that infrequently change like images, CSS and JavaScript. MODX Cloud’s Managed CDN applies to your entire account, and we handle MODX integration and configuraiton for $99/site (one time fee).

TransferExample Use CaseMonthly
100 GBModerate traffic B2B marketing websites$10
500 GBMultiple websites or growing traffic$50
1 TBAsset heavy or many websites$100
5 TBHigh traffic or heavy scaling$500

Need even more capacity or something else?

If you need even more storage or something else, let us know and we’ll discsuss creating a custom plan just for your application.

I need more for my MODX Cloud