Modern tools to help create your projects

MODX Cloud supports modern tools to help you simplify building and maintaining amazing sites. Whether you want to use Compass/Sass for your CSS, your developers are pining for Composer, or your automation junkies are pining for Grunt or Gulp, MODX Cloud has you covered. Even better…all of this is free for anyone in MODX Cloud.

  • Compass/Sass

    Using Sass in MODX Cloud is just a quick support ticket away.

    Get Sassified

  • Node.js

    Node.js brings almost countless hipster-compliant tools to MODX Cloud.

    Join the Cool Kids

  • phpMyAdmin

    In a few seconds, you can self-install phpMyAdmin just by toggling a switch.

    Manage Databases

  • Composer

    Your devs want Composer—even if they don’t know it yet. It’s simple in MODX Cloud.

    Make Devs Smile

Need a tool or something else

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you sort out how to do it in MODX Cloud. A solution might even already exist on the MODX Cloud Roadmap.

Inquire about (free) MODX Cloud Tools