How MODX Cloud Stacks Up

MODX Cloud gives you peace of mind knowing your site runs on optimized, secured and maintained infrastructure. Never worry about maintaining infrastructure or missing critical updates again. Unlike mainstream Cloud infrastructure providers and most traditional hosts, this happens automatically. You never have to ask.

Compared to my previous VPS, MODX Cloud is a lot faster and more affordable.

Jevon Boyce,

Jevon Boyce,

  MODX Cloud Cloud or Internal Infrastructure Most Traditional Hosts
Optimized server stack tuned for modern PHP apps like MODX Revolution Yes Configuration Required No
Tuned NGINX and Percona for maximum performance Yes Configuration Required No
Locked down and hardened security Yes Configuration Required No
Guaranteed resource allocation Yes Yes No
Stays abreast of latest stable server stack Yes Configuration Required Slowly or None
Proactive platform security patches Yes No Slowly or None
Automatic offsite 7-day rolling backups (configurable between 1-30) Yes No No
Restore backups without contacting support Yes No No
1-click MODX upgrades Yes No No
MODX Snapshots Yes No No
Two-factor Authentication available for Dashboard Yes Some No
Build in multiple Locations with one subscription Yes Limited No
Built and supported by the MODX Team Yes No No
MODX-focused server dashboard Yes No No
Available MODX application support & monitoring Yes No No
Commodity pricing No No Yes
Based on cPanel or Plesk No No Yes

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