MODX Cloud Global Server Locations

MODX has partnered with IBM Bluemix Cloud, formerly SoftLayer, to provide all of its infrastructure that powers MODX Cloud. IBM Bluemix brings an unparalleled mix of a private network that connects all data centers globally, public network connectivity and design, important security and compliance standards, and an API allows us to do things that would be impractical with other vendors and to maintain a similar footprint.

We spend 100% of our time building the tooling to get the most from modern PHP applications. We let IBM worry about all the intricacies of power, cooling, physical security networks, drives, RAM and CPU:

  • Standardize Pod Design – Every data center has a "pod" of servers, all built identically in every market. This brings efficiences and standardization to supporting and securing a massive global footprint.
  • Redundant, Best in Class Infrastructure – N+1 of everything from generators to battery backup power to network interconnect and more. Literally, everything.
  • High Performance Rack Architecture – 20Gbps from redunandant NICs for both the public and the private side of each rack mean there’s plenty of bandwidth.
  • Compliance, Controls and Security – Both physical and network security are critical and IBM Cloud and Bluemix ticks all the right security and compliance boxes. Contact us for a security overview policy if needed for your particular application.
  • Global Footprint – SoftLayer gives us access to spin up locations on demand, virtually anywhere customer demand dictates

Anywhere globally, anytime.

MODX Cloud already has locations in key markets, but we can expand as customer needs dictate. We can start provisioning private servers within minutes of processing the orders, and if there is enough demand, we’ll open new multi-tenant locations.

Where do you want to see MODX Cloud?