Handle more visitors. Serve pages faster.

At its peak on Christmas Eve, the website was handling 2000 or more visitors on the site at any given time, serving 400+ pages a minute—the site never slowed and performance was perfect.

Craig Flood, Zap Media Limited, UK Digital Design Agency

Craig Flood, Zap Media Limited, UK Digital Design Agency

For most sites, MODX Cloud is more than adequate without any upgrades. However, some people need additional processing power for complex workloads or have a lot of site traffic. And some just want the added insurance that extra workers, for instance, brings. Whatever your reasons, our multi-tennant platforms can serve a surprising large number of visitors, fast.

  • PHP Workers $10/month/site

    This provides more processor cycles for complex workloads, higher traffic websites or complex database queries.

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  • Manager Workers $5/month/site

    No matter what’s going on with the front end, you’ll always be able to login to your MODX Revolution Manager.

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  • SSL

    Serving sites securely builds trust with your visitors, delivers pages faster, and Search Engines love it, too.

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  • Managed WAF $20/month/site

    Coming soon, our managed web application firewall helps keep pesky hackers and script kiddies at bay.

    coming soon…

Need a different tool or something else

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you figure out how to do it in MODX Cloud. A solution may even already exist on the MODX Cloud Roadmap.

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