Sub-processors and Infrastructure Providers

The official list of third-party sub-processors engaged by and for MODX and MODX Cloud to deliver its services.

About Sub-processors

Last Updated: May 3, 2023

MODX Systems, LLC uses a select group of third-party Sub-processors to assist it in providing the Services according to the Terms of Service and the Data Processing Addendum. These Sub-processors set out below provide cloud hosting and storage services; payment and analytics services; content delivery and review services; assist in providing customer support; as well as incident tracking, response, diagnosis and resolution services.

Due Diligence

Before engaging any service provider, we perform due diligence, including a vendor security assessment. Our service providers are subject to contract terms designed to ensure that these service providers process personal data only for the purposes of providing services to MODX and in accordance with our commitments to Users and applicable data protection laws.

Data Processing Addendum

If you are a MODX Cloud customer and wish to sign an executable version of our Data Processing Addendum with MODX, you can sign the MODX DPA.

#Sub-processors and Infrastructure Providers

Name Data Subject Purpose of Service Entity Country
ActiveCampaign User Communications, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management USA
Amazon Web Services User and Users’ User Data Storage Infrastructure for backups USA, EU, Australia (CyberSource Corporation) User Credit Card Payment Processing USA
ChargeDesk User Payment Processing USA
Digital Ocean User Cloud/Network Infrastructure USA
Facebook User Communications, Marketing USA
Foxycart User Payment Processing USA
Google User Anonymous Analytics, Email, Business Suite USA
IBM User and Users’ User Cloud/Network Infrastructure, Databases, Data Storage, Object Storage, Backups, Tools USA, EU
LinkedIn User Communications, Marketing USA
Linode User Cloud/Network Infrastructure USA
MailChimp (Intuit Inc.) User Customer Communications, Marketing USA, Inc. User CDN/WAF/Proxy USA
Paypal, Inc. User Payment Processing USA
Postmark (Wildbit, LLC) User Customer Communications (Email) USA
Profitwell User Business Analytics USA
Quickbooks (Intuit Inc.) User Billing and Accounting USA User Data Service USA
SignWell (Docsketch, LLC) User Document Electronic Signatures USA
SparkPost User Customer Communications (Email) USA
StackPath User CDN/WAF/Proxy, Object Storage USA
Sucuri ( GoDaddy Mediatemple, Inc.) User CDN/WAF/Proxy USA
Stripe User Payment Processing USA
Twitter User Communications, Marketing USA
Vultr User Cloud/Network Infrastructure USA
Zendesk User Customer Support, Communications USA


If you have any questions or concerns about our Subprocessors or Infrastructure Providers, please email us at [email protected]. If you wish to send us a postal letter:

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