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You need a blazing-fast, secure site to lead in digital marketing. Most hosts just don’t cut it; thankfully, there’s MODX Cloud. Start winning with our fully-managed infrastructure and level up your performance, peace of mind, and productivity for MODX or any PHP app (yes, including WP). Try it risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Business plan

Business – $275

For custom requirements and priority support

Base plan

Base – $30

For 1-3 typical marketing websites



For people that love infosec and maintaining servers

300 GB Vault Storage

50 GB Vault Storage

10 GB Vault Storage

Don’t forget to configure and test backups!

Extra Sites – $5

Extra Sites – $5

Extra Sites – $10

Depends on hosting plan and environment, often $0

Backstage™ selective staging
free for every site

Backstage™ selective staging
($10 per site)

Backstage™ selective staging
($25 per site)

Tedious full-site cloning or homegrown solution

Priority Support Support Policy including for MODX and CMS-specific advice and help

Available MODX and CMS-specific advice and help

Available MODX and CMS-specific advice and help

Community support from MODX or other open-source forums

Fully-managed servers with proactive security patches

Fully-managed servers with proactive security patches

Fully-managed servers with proactive security patches

Check daily for critical security updates and zero-day exploits

Multi-region High Availability (HA) clusters available

Try MODX Cloud risk free. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll gladly refund you anytime in the first 30-days. Plus, we’ll help you migrate your first site in for free.

All MODX Cloud plans include automatic nightly backups, free development sites, free auto-renewing SSL certificates, Promote Snapshot staging workflows and one-click upgrades for MODX, and awesome support from the team that created the fastest, most secure Open Source CMS.

Anna Willoughby headshot

MODX Cloud is fantastic and well worth the reasonable cost—I've tried other cloud services, but this requires no server administration or knowledge of virtual machines. Not having to struggle with installing all the components on a server myself has freed me up to focus on the code and design of my website.

Anna Willoughby // UX Designer

What Makes Us Different

MODX is the perfect partner when you’re ready to invest in your online success.

  • Crazy-fast page loads elevate SEO and improve visitor UX
  • Obsessive support by people that care about your success
  • Powerful upgrades to boost your site further
  • Exclusive collaboration tools to make your content soar
  • Peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is maintained and monitored around the clock


For custom requirements, non-standard governance, or enhanced SLAs, MODX can support custom software and configurations, PO invoicing, negotiated contracts, and on-premise support starting at $4000/month (billed annually) with a 3-year commitment.

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Make MODX Cloud Your Own

Powerful upgrades enhance uptime, fault-tolerance, and security. It’s like gaining a full-time webmaster without the full-time price.


Sleep well with a WAF, proactive upgrades and a no-hack warranty for $200/site.


Maximize uptime with site failover between datacenters, starting at $100.

Dedicated Infrastructure

Get all the benefits of MODX Cloud with your own dedicated servers fully-managed by our team.

Private Servers

Single-tenant servers dedicated to you with custom configurations supported.

Custom Software

Almost any software with Private Servers, from memcached to Elastic Search.

Jessica Hearn headshot

Since switching to MODX Cloud, managing our four magazine websites is much easier. Our sites run smoothly, and if any issues arise, the MODX team helps us with a solution and gets us back on track fast.

Jessica Hearn // Creative Director // Global Marketing Co. Ltd
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Experience MODX Cloud with your own site

Let us clone your MODX site, prove our performance, and blow your mind with Backstage™ selective staging so you can start creating and managing sites the right way. Then decide if it’s right for you—100% risk free.

Cloud Hosting Done Right

automatic backups

Automatic Backups

Nightly offsite backups give you a fallback if and when needed. Enabled by default, restore yourself.

one click upgrades

One-click Upgrades

Keeping up with updates is critical. MODX cloud hosting makes it easy. Nothing to install and just a click away.

auto-failover and HA

Auto-Failover & HA

If uptime and scaling are critical, optional failover or a high-availability cluster will keep visitors happy.

snapshots and staging

Snapshots & Staging

Clone, share sites, and stage content in just a few clicks. Maintain sites—the right way—with ease.

optimized web servers

Optimized Web Servers

Curated software configured to serve pages blazingly fast with options for more speed thanks to our CDN.

security first


A secure platform stack, constantly updated, with enhanced managed protection available for MODX hosted sites.

Michael Snow headshot

The servers are set up perfectly for MODX, the speed is super, and the MODX team is very responsive at fixing any issues that may crop up. Plus, it’s so easy to create new sites from old ones using Snapshots.

Michael Snow // Principal // Snow Creative

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I move my website to MODX Cloud?

We want to make moving to MODX Cloud as easy as possible. We will move your first site to MODX Cloud for free. If you have additional websites to move, we can move those for a nominal fee.

Of course, web developers are welcome to migrate sites using their typical tools such as SFTP or SSH.

What is your uptime guarantee?

MODX Cloud has a Service Level Agreement standard of 99.99% uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance and upgrades. Our uptime statistics always exceed those.

If your organization can't afford your website to ever be down—including scheduled maintenance or brief restarts, ask us about Uptime+, Failover or our High Availability configurations.

Will you provide site support?

MODX Cloud offers a lot of tools to make managing your site easy. We also understand issues can come up that are outside your capabilities. When you log in to your MODX Cloud dashboard you are a support ticket away from getting in touch with experienced MODX team member.

You can learn more about what is included in our standard and priority support options on our Service Level Agreement page.

Can I only host MODX CMS sites?

MODX Cloud is designed to get the most from any PHP application, including WordPress and Laravel. In fact, we’ve migrated lots of WP sites to MODX Cloud and customers were shocked how much better they work on our servers.

Do you have site backups?

Do we ever. MODX Cloud offers nightly, configurable backups—between one and thirty days (defaults to seven).

What's more, can restore your site from a backup, at any time, with no need to contact support.

Where will my site be hosted?

MODX Cloud lets you choose from one of six public locations of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Sydney (Australia), Washington DC, or Texas for each site you host in MODX Cloud.

We also offer private servers in all 18 locations where IBM Cloud has a data center.

Is MODX Cloud GDPR compliant?

We have EU data center locations (see above) and a SCC and DPA to satisfy GDPR requirements for our EU customers.

Can you help me fix my website?

Our MODX Cloud support is made up of experienced web professionals and skilled technical support agents. We can help resolve most small issues quickly. For larger projects, we can provide estimates or refer you to a MODX Professional.

How many sites can I host in my account?

You can host as many sites in your MODX Cloud account as will fit within the available storage on your Plan or any Extra Storage.

Each additional website that will have a domain name pointed will be $5/month on the Pro Plan and higher. Websites used for staging or development are no extra charge.

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