About the MODX Professionals Directory

The MODX Professionals Directory features qualified, experienced individuals and organizations that offer professional MODX services. Areas of expertise include design, development, SEO, Email Marketing, E-Commerce and much more.

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Finding qualified experts can be hard. MODX has done some of the initial work for you. Our MODX Professionals directory includes those with a proven track record of working with MODX and other web technologies.

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Have site building skills to share with the world? A listing in the MODX Professionals directory is $25,$50 or $100 per month, depending on the size of your team. The listing gets you tons of exposure, and may just directly lead to new work. It’s a great way to support MODX, too.

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Just what is this directory, anyway?

The businesses and freelancers listed in this directory use MODX for some or all of the websites they build for customers. It’s a way to introduce their skills and show a mini-portfolio for their services, and a way for people looking for MODX help on projects reach out to vetted professionals.

Who can be listed?

Anyone with actual and proven experience using MODX for building client websites. The process starts by applying for a listing. If the review team thinks you need a bit more experience with MODX, we’ll let you know and will look forward to your future listing once you get a few more MODX sites under your belt.

Isn’t that a bit arbitrary?

Probably. But we have to start somewhere and we reserve the right to change our minds later.

What if I don’t actually build MODX sites, but I do things like Security Audits, QA or Produce websites?

Those are valuable skills and certainly applicable to virtually every MODX project. We’d love to have you here. Tell us about your work in the application and we’ll get in touch with you and talk to your references.

How much does it cost, and how do I pay?

Listings start at $25 for teams of 1–2, $50/month for teams of 3–10 and $100/month for teams of 11 or more full-time employees. Payment can be via a credit card or Paypal.

What do I get for my montly listing fee?

First, you get the satisfaction of helping support the software you use to help you pay your bills. This in turn helps us pay our bills, and contributes towards ongoing development of the software we hope you will continue to use and love.

Specifically, you will be listed on the front page in random order, a portfolio/profile page, and a ton of exposure to organizations looking for help on a MODX site. When prospective clients reach out to you about projects through the site, you should have a good idea of what the that project may consist of, including start/due dates and the oft-elusive budget expectation.

Will you guarantee that I’ll get new business from this?

No. Everything depends on how you write your copy, your skillset and the portfolio you show. Write well, show great work, nail down the project scope, and price things right—do those things and you should land good gigs.

What if someone complains about a listed company/freelancer?

We’ll look into it, but we’re absolutely not in the dispute resolution business. We don’t guarantee or make any warranties about the quality of any directory member’s work, past, present or in the future. If too many complaints arise for a particular listing based on jobs that were awarded after contacting someone through this site, we reserve the right to immediately cancel the subscription and de-activate the directory listing.

How do I reach the people listed here?

Click on the overview cards to see a detailed profile page. Each profile has a button used to contact them, which leads to a short form with basic project details including your contact info, start/due date, budget and description. Be honest and realistic about budgets and scope, please! When you submit the form, you’ll get a copy of the submission, the person will get a copy of the submission, and MODX will also get a copy of the submission.

Why on earth would MODX see my project details?

We want to follow up to see how the Professionals here are performing, and to make sure people are having great interactions with the professionals listed here. We may conduct satisfaction surveys from time-to-time, and we think it’s important to know what type of MODX projects are in demand.

Do I have to have a login to contact people here?


Do I have to have a login to favorite the listings?

No. We use a variety of techniques, including cookies, to save your data to your browser, not our server. Your selections should still be there even if you quit your browser, but we can’t guarantee it will always work. If you use a different browser, or a different computer, you’ll need to select your favorites again.

Do you store anything else about me?

No, but by using this service you agree to our terms of service and agree that you fully understand our privacy policy.

What if I want to contact multiple people about projects?

We do our best to save what you enter into forms so you don’t have to type the same thing over and over again (see the previous question). That being said, you may have to re-type things.

Does MODX make money off projects that result from the directory?

No. The directory facilitates connecting the people that need help with projects with the people that may be able to help them with those projects. We’ll glady accept finder’s fees, though, if you feel like sending one our way!

What if I have a question that’s not covered here?

Email and we’re happy to help.

Benefits For MODXperts

  • Exposure to the people looking specifically for MODX and site buiding expertise
  • A great online portfolio to gain broader exposure in general
  • The awesome feeling knowing you’re helping financially support a worthy Open Source project