About Himmelberger Design

Founded in the dark times in 2008 we've worked hard to make a name for ourselves providing high quality web design, development, and online marketing at an affordable price.

MODX Experience

We've been working in MODX since before it was MODX. As a company and individually we contribute back to the community through extras, documentation and support. We take care in every aspect of design and development.

The Manager Experience

We believe one of the core strengths of MODX is the power the backend has. We design the backend to be used by you or your staff on a daily basis. We strive to deliver an end product that looks and feels as if it was custom designed just for you (because it is), not a one-size fits all backend like many other CMSs . Each business and use case has unique needs and challenges, we'll work with you to make it sure it works for you.

No Fear of Commitment

Most of our clients have been with us for years. We are looking to help you grow, when you succeed we succeed, we never lose sight of that. Once your site launches we're always here to help.

Other Services

We're here for whatever needs you may have in growing your business, from print design and production to search engine marketing.

Print Design Services

For projects that include the design of print or website design, we don't markup printing costs. We give you our broker pricing, saving up to 30-50% on printing costs. We're in the design business, not printing business.

  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures

Graphic Design

  • Logos
  • Info Graphics

Jack of all trades

  • Video editing / Youtube Uploading (Dog training by Tiffany used this)
  • Drone photography
  • Product Photography
  • Trade Show Video Systems - Multi-monitor synced video loops, etc.
  • If it involves technology or graphic design and is a little nerdy, we can probably help.