About lux-medien

We're a full-service agency located in Kamp-Lintfort. We have been building MODX sites for over 15 years now, so we've basically been there since the birth of Revo. Our first sites were built in Evolution.

Our main goal is to build websites that have a purpose. They might be selling a product, presenting a brand, hiring new employees, or any other business related tasks. The beauty of our job in the SEO/SEA sector is that the quality of our work can be measured.

This might be considered a disadvantage to some agencies, but in this day and age it is only fair for the client to understand what they are paying for and what goal a certain project has - and how we performed achieving it.

Hourly rates and estimates are not really our thing because we believe it's not fair to the client to possibly create a never-ending website-story. We consider us a full-service agency, this includes content, illustrations and structure of a new site. We provide everything and we will not deviate from our quote, unless the project goes into a completely different direction.

We're happy to show you a portfolio or have a sit-down for a project meeting.