About NEART Interactive Agency

We exist on market since 2006. Some of our portfolio can be found on http://neart.eu/ So far, we have been endowed with trust of customers from UK, USA, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, India and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan). We hope we can also help  growing Your business! :-)DesignWe create intuitive, elegant and user-friendly websites. We also provide full visual identity services as well as creating DTP materials.DevelopmentAdvanced websites. E-commerce. Custom-made web aplications. Whatever you need - we can create it from scratch.Marketing & SEOWebsite is a marketing tool in a first place. Therefore it is essential that its code has to be clear and optimized as much as possible, and then web search engines can show your website a special favour, just as it deserves.ConsultingDerive from our experience and know-how. Marketing based on the internet, advertising campaigns, creating IT systems based on web technologies, information architecture of your websites, gathering communities, web usability and much more.