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NEART Interactive Agency

UK, Poland, USA, Europe
Typical Budget: $2,500-$7,500

About NEART Interactive Agency

We exist on market since 2006. Some of our portfolio can be found on So far, we have been endowed with trust of customers from UK, USA, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, India and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan). We hope we can also help  growing Your business! :-)DesignWe create intuitive, elegant and user-friendly websites. We also provide full visual identity services as well as creating DTP materials.DevelopmentAdvanced websites. E-commerce. Custom-made web aplications. Whatever you need - we can create it from scratch.Marketing & SEOWebsite is a marketing tool in a first place. Therefore it is essential that its code has to be clear and optimized as much as possible, and then web search engines can show your website a special favour, just as it deserves.ConsultingDerive from our experience and know-how. Marketing based on the internet, advertising campaigns, creating IT systems based on web technologies, information architecture of your websites, gathering communities, web usability and much more.